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Clark County Deaths -1885-1920 and some 1956

These dates were taken from the Clark Pilot Review, Clark County Republic and Clark County Courier. These dats might not Correspond with the legal, or family records, I will Correct them if the family will notify me Gordon Meyer gmeyer@itctel.com.                   ****************************************************************************************************************************************

Aasheim,Mrs Guri                         Feb. 12,1903                     
A?kerblade,John  nbsp;                Mar. 31,1904                    Anderson, Ole                      Mar.10,1910
A?kerman, Inf.Dau.                       Apr. 3, 1902                     Andersen, Newton               Nov.30,1900
Ackerman, Baby                             0ct.21,1915                      Anderson, Orin                      Jul.15.1909
Adair, Inf Son                                  Dec. 10.1896                   Anderson,Sever                      Jan.5.1905
Adair,Frank Milton                        Jul.18,1907                      Anderson, Mrs A.P.               Apr.19,1900
Adams. JAmes                                Feb. 6.1919                      Anderson, Mrs                        Jun.9,l892
Adams, Mrs Jennie                         Jul. 6,1900                       Anderson,Baby Boy               May.26,1998
Adams, Mrs Lida                           Aug.9,1956                      Anderson, Child                     Aug.26.1897
Alberts, Anna                                  0ct.5, 1905                        Anderson, Girl                         Feb.9,1893
Albertus, Inf.                                   May 21.1908                    Anderson, Baby                       Jun.14,1901
Alexander, William                       Apr.5&12 1956                Andrews,Wallace                     Aug.23,1894
Allen.Mr_______                            0ct.3,1895                         Andrus, Mrs                              Jun. 10,1920
Alien, Baby Boy                             Nov. 6,1902                      Armstrong.Ira                           Nov.12,1896
Alien, Elsie                                     Jan.29,1920                       Armstrong,JAmes                     Sep.11,1902
Alliott.Leon                                    pr. 17,1919                       Armstrong. William                 Nov.26,1891
Alliott. Mrs Mary                          Jun.25.1903                       Arnett, Inf Dau                          Aug.29,1901
A?luit.Mrs Lena                            Jun.18,1903                       Arnett, Inf.Dau.                          Aug.29,1901
Al?nes.Hans                                  Jan.22,1920                        Arnett, Inf.Son                            Apr.6,1905
Alverson.Mrs                                Nov. 10,1904                     Arnold, Mrs Lydia                     Sep.13,1917
Anderson.Mrs Abbie                   Mar.30,1911                      Arthur.Mrs Amanda                   Feb.19.1920
Anderson, Mrs Amelia                Dec.II,1919                        Artz,Frank                                    Dec.19,1918
Anderson. Arnie                           Sep. 1,1904                        Ashley.E.S.                                   Apr.20,1916
Anderson, Arthur                         Dec. 31,1891                     Ashley. Inf Dau.                           Feb.12,1891
Anderson, Carl                             Sep.13,1894                       Ashley.O.P.                                  Jan.18,1906
Anderson, Charles                       Jul.30,1908                         Ashton.Mrs Mary                        Apr.5,1900As
Anderson,Christ                           Feb.13,1908                       Asleson.Mrs Ida                           Dec.20. 1956
Anderson, Mrs Christia               Jan.30,1913                        Audus, James                                Mar.15,1956
Anderson, Mrs Daisy                   Jan. 12,1956                       Austin,Arthur                               Jul.13,1905
Anderson. Ed                                Mar. 18,1897                     Austin,Dennis                               Mar.18,1915
Anderson, Mrs Estella                 Dec. 15,1897                      Austin.Emery                                Mar. 14,1889
Anderson.Florence                       Mar.9,1893                        Austin.MrsHArriet                       Apr.12,1900
Anderson. J.A.                               Nov.21,1918                     Austin.Maud                                  Apr.2,1896
Anderson. Jens                              0ct.20,1910                        Austin,Wellington                         Jan.8.1920
Anderson.John                              Sep.4.1919                         Austin.Mrs W.J.                             Mar.28,1901
Anderson, John                             Dec.27,1956                       Austin, William,                            Nov.6,1902
Anderson,John                              Jan.23,1908                        Austin, Boy                                     May.21,1908
Anderson,Lars                              Dec.26,1895                       Anderson, Mrs Laura                    Jun.29,1893           .


Baarsch.F.W.                               Sep.11,1913                      Baker,Seymour Wellington             Mar 13,l9l9
Babcock,Hannah                         Mar.31,1910                     Baldwin,Mrs                                      Jul.8,l913
Bagan, Mrs                                  Nov.24,1904                      Baldwin,Miss Grace                          Jan.28,1904
Bail,Alien C.                                Feb.24,1898                       Baldwin,Mrs Millie M.                     Jun.14,1956
Bail,Gibson                                  Feb25,1904                        Baldwin,Elsie Ada                             Sep.28,1916
Bail,Judge John D.                      Aug.20,1903                      Baldwin,Inf.Son                                 May 22,1915
Bail,Lynn                                     May 25,1893                      Balfany.lnf. Child                              Apr.2,1908
Bail,Mrs Malinda                       Dec.20,1917                        Ballard.Mrs W.A.                              Jul.21,1910
Bail,Queenie                              Apr.9,1891                           Bannick.Mrs John                              Jun.15,1911
Bail,Walter M.                            May 29,1913                        Bargman.Mrs                                     Feb.18,1915
Bailey,_______                           Dec. 13,1906                         Bargman,Inf.Son                               Apr.2,1903
Bailey,A.H.                                Dec. 6,1894                            Bargman,Baby BOy                          Nov.24,1904
Bailey,Mrs Chase                      Jan.21,1904                            Barkels.Mrs Nels                               Feb.28,1901
Bailey, Mrs Cora                       Mar.29,1906                           Barkema.MissLena                           Jul 31,1913
Bailey, Edward Dwight            Sep.2,1920                             Barkley.Mrs William                        Jan.30,1913
Bailey,Mrs Ethel May              Jan.4,1906                               Barkley,Walter J.                               Feb.19,1920
Bailey,Eva                                  Jan.13,1910                             Barnard.O.J.                                      May 26.1904
Bailey,Frank Clinton                Feb.26,1920                            Barnes.Loraine E. (Cl CO.Cr)         0ct.10,1912
Bailey.John                                Dec.1,1904                              Barr.Mrs 0.A. (Cl Rep.)                    Dec.25,1902
Bailey,Joseph                            Dec.15,1904                            Barrett, Child                                    Apr.10,1913
Bailey,MrsJuliaAnn                 Jun.11,1908                             Barrett,Orville Jr.                              Aug.19,1920
Bailey,R.S. "Dick"                    Apr.22,1915                             Barrette, Claude                                Jan.2,1919
Bailey, Mrs Wright                  Sep. 6,1906                              Barrie, Antoine                                  0ct.24,1918
Baird,Homer D.                       Nov.29,1906                            Barrie, Norbert (Cl CO Cr)                Apr.19,1917
Baird.S.J.                                   Mar. 1,1906                              Bartle,Inf.Son                                     Nov.16,1911
Baker,Baby Girl                       Apr.19,1901                             Bartlett.MrsA.A.                                Jan.4,1900
Baker,Mrs Elizabeth               Apr.30,1914                             Bartlett, B.A.                                       Jan.II,1912
Baker.G.H.                                Feb. 9,1893                              Bartlett, Girl                                        Aug.25.1897
Baker.George                           Jan.26,1911                              Bartlett,Girl                                         Aug.21,1902
Baker, Mrs Harry                     Jul.6,1905                                Barton,Mrs                                           May 10,1900
Baker, John                               Aug.II,1898                             Barton,Melvin                                      May 31,1906
Baker, Lyman                          0ct.3,1918                                 Bar1z,Mr-2sons-lbro                            May 21,1897
Baker,Miss Mollie                  0ct.4,1917                                 Bascomb,Chester                                  Feb.16,1893
Baker 0.M.                                May 5,1904                              Bascomb,Mor.of Mrs D.J.                    Mar.26,1908
Baker. Richard                        Jun.24,1909                               Bascomb, Dorman J.(CI CO Cr           0ct.3,1912
Baker, Richard F. (Cl Rep)    Feb.l,1901                                 Bascomb,Miss Letha                            Dec.20,1956
Baker, Mrs R.F.                       Sep.26,1901                              Bascomb, DR.M.T.                                Feb.3.1899
Baker, Robert                         Apr.19,1900                               Basset.Mr—CL REP)                            Jun.14,1901
BAker. Mrs Sarah                  Dec.31,1908                                Bassart.MrsH.V.                                    Nov.27.1902

                                    B 's cont.---
Bastian.Frederick         Jul.26.1956   Bennett.Mrs John E.(Cour)  May.30,1912
Batien.Mrs C.F.           Dec. 13,1956  Bennett,Eugene             Jan.4,1906
Batien,John Henry         Aug.31,1916   Bennett,Mrs Katharine      Dec.24.1914
Batien.Mrs Henrietta      Nov. 12,1896  Bennett. Thomas Irons      0ct.15.1914
Batien,Mrs Nannie(CIRep)  0ct.10,1901   Benson.Mrs C.J.            Aug.1,1918
Bauman.Henry              Nov.10,1904   Benson.Lily                Apr.27,1911
Baxter, George            Jan.21,1886   Benson.Child               Apr.18.1907
Baxter.R.W. (Cl Rep)      Apr.20,1900   Benson.inf.Son.            Aug.9,1906
Bayle.Mrs Angeline        Nov.2,1911    Bentine.Baby Boy           Apr.5.1956
Beard.Will.P.             0ct,18,1956   Bently.Miss Cora M.        Feb.5,1903
Bearf,Clifford            Dec.13,1956   Bently,Mrs Louis(Cour)     Jan.4.1912
Beath, Ann                Aug.22,1918   Bently, DR.Isaac(CI Co Rep)Jan.3,l896
Beath.Bruce Charles(Cour)  Dec.20,1917  Bently.DR.J.O.             Mar.10,1898
Beatty.Florence(CHILD)    Aug.29.1895   Bently.Rondall             001.19,1893
Bealty,Robert Sr.         Nov. 30,1916' Berdan.Albert F.           Nov.8.1906
Beauvais.A— (Cour)        Jul.11,1912   Berdan.Mr_______           0ct.22,1908
Beauvais.Moses            Feb. 13.1896  Berdan.MrsCatherine        Jan.24,1901
Beauvais.Mrs Louise       Feb. 6,1908   Berdan.MissRaohel          May 28,1903
Be?vers.Mrs               Jul.21,1910   Bergeman.Harold            Jan. 31,1907
Be?ver.MrsS.P.            Feb.11,1904   Berger,Child               May 9,1907
Becker.John (Cl Co Rep)   Aug. 12,1898  Bergeson, C.S.             Jun.28,1906
Becker.Woodrow Wilson     Mar.23,1916   Bergeeon.Baby Boy          Mar.8,1906
Beckwith.R.W.             Jun.23.1904   Bergeman, Charles 0. (Rep) Sep.30,1895
Bedell,—                  Apr.10,1919   Bergstresser.Donald        Apr. 6,1911
Bedell.Frank L. (Cour)    Dec.26,1912   Bergstresser.James Jr.(Cur)Feb.15,1912
Bedell.Ray F.(CI Rep Cour)  Nov.4,1909  Berry.Mrs Logan's Gr-mor   Aug.16,1901
Beeney.Mrs Minnie Albertine Aug.23.1956 Berry.Mrs Emma (Cour)      Jun.23,1910
Beevers.MrsA.C.(CI-Rep-Cour) Jul.28,1910   Berry.Girl              Aug.30,1906
Belcher.Jasper            0ct.4,1906    Berry.Mary Eliza           Jan 25,1900
Bell, 2nd Child           Nov.24,1892   Berry.Frank                Aug.30.1906
Bell.Marjorie             Sep. 19,1918  Berry.John Milton          Jul 5.1956
Bell. Willie              Nov. 17,1892  Berry,Lgan                 Feb.17.1910
Bender,Carl Warren        Mar.13,1913   Berry, Orrien              Sep.26,1895
Benike.Mrs                Nov.7,1907    Berry,Capt.William(Cour)   Nov.11,1909
Benjamin,Miss HAttie(Rep)  May l2,l899  Berry,Mrs Margaret         Jan.29,1920
Benjamin,Timothy          Feb.28,1895   Bertrand.Miss Cordelia     Aug.18,1898
Benjamin.Mrs H.E.         Mar.4,1920    Bertrand.Casmer            May 11,1905
Bennett,DR.D.0.           Apr.21,1904   Bertrand.Marie Adelaide    Jul.9,1896
Bennett, Mrs Floretta(Cour)Dec.22,1910  Bertrand.Mrs C.            Jul.30,1903
Bennett,Judge John E.     Jan4,l894     Bertrand, William A.       Jun.12,1913
? .t,Mrs Charles          Jul. 19.1900   Bockoven,Mrs Juliette      May.11,1916
B? ,-t,William             Feb.18,1892   Bohl,Miss Delia            Sep.5,1889
Bevier, E.J.               0ct.22,1891   Bohri,Alfred C.            0ct.10,1918
Beyer, Charles S.          Jan.23.1908   Bohri,Allene               Aug.24,1911
Bickel.Mr                  Feb.1,1906    Bohri,Mrs FRed C.(Cour)    Mar.28,1912
Bickett,William            Mar.28,1918   Bohri,Baby Boy             Nov.3,1898
Billings,Mrs Lida          Apr.5,1956    Bohri, (20 yrs ago col)    Apr.27,1911
Birkeland.Kristian         Jan.7,1915    Bonebrake.Ray M.           Jan.16,1919
Birkholtz.Leo              Feb.15,1917   Bonesteel.Lydia &Leila     May.26,1910
Bisel.Mrs Barbara          Apr.2,1914    Bonfoey.Alonzo             Jul.23,1896
Bisel, Jake B.             Mar.13,1902   Bonfoey, Archie Leslie     Mar.22,1956
Bisel.John J.              Jul.19,1906   Bonfoey,Elmer C.           Feb.II,1915
Bisel,Girl                 Sep.6,1894    Bonfoey,Francis L.         Aug.22,1918
Bjerke.Girl                Nov.25,1909   Bonfoey, George(CL CO Pil) Dec.31,1885
Bjerke.Edna                Aug. 6,1914   Bonne-berre,Father         Jun.24,1915
Black,BOy                  Sep.16,1920   Bordson.R_______           Jan.23,1919
Black,William              Jun. 5,1913   Borgeson,Sidney            Feb.2,1956
Blackman, Boy              Feb. 17,1910  Bork.JOhn K.               Aug.27,1914
Blaisdell, Mrs A.          Mar.2,1905    Boroughf.W.A.              Nov.9,1900
Blanchette, Bernice(Cour)  May.2,1912    Bottger.Fred C.(RepCour)   Mar.4,1909
Blanchette, Baby           Feb.18,1904   Boucher.Mrs B.             Apr.20,1911
Blanchette, F.C.           Nov.19,1908   Boucher.Josiah             Jun.20,1901
Blanchette, Ferdinand      Jun.21,1956   Boucher.Mrs Mary C.        Jan.26,1888
Blanchette, Mary           Feb.12,1920   Boucher, Boy(CI Co Pil)    Sep.30,1886
Bland,Mrs Annie            Dec.24,1914   Boucher,Miss May           Jul.11,1895
Bland,Charles              Sep.1,1910    Boucher,Mrs(CI CO Rep)     Apr.5,1895
Blatchley.LittleGirl       Jul.5,1888    Bourelle.Mrs Corine        Feb.14,1907
Blinkensop.T.E.            Sep.18,1919   Bowen.Mrs Clara            Dec.17,1891
Blinkensop.Mrs T.E.        Nov.28,1918   Bowers,Mrs                 May.13,1915
Blogg,William              Jun.14,1956   Bower,Andrew?              Feb.15,1906
Bloomster.MinnieNatalia    Nov.25,1920   Bower, Mrs Clara           Jan.22,1897
Blowers,Inf.Ch.            Aug.20,1903   Boyd,Charles Dillard(COUR) Jul 5,1909
Blunt,Mrs Clara (Rep)      Jul.21,1899   Boyd, Girl                 Jun.30,1910
Boals.DR W.H.              Sep.16,1915   Boyd,Edith Levina          Jul.9,1914
Boals,Mrs                  Aug.17,1905   Boyd,Elmer                 Sep.II,1902
Board.Alex (Rep Cour)      Mar.10,1910   Boyd,Elmer Harvey          Mar.27,1907
Board,Boy                  Aug.9,1906    Boyd, Girl                 001.29,1891
Bockoven.Mr                Jul.15,1897   Boyd,George M.             Aug.28,1919
Bockoven, Henry C.         Mar.2,19l6    Boyd,Mrs Ray or Roy        Dec.15,1910                    
Boyne.W.F.                 Aug.22,1889   Brown,Jacob                Jun.13,1918
Bradley.Mrs Beatrice       Mar.22,1906   Brown,John W.              Jan.13,1887
Bradley, James             Sep.12,1907   Brown,John P.              Sep.17,1908
Braman,(Son)               Sep.13.1894   Brown, Onesimus            Feb.16,1909
Brandsrud.Olaf             0ct.31,1907   Brown,Mrs Elizabeth(Co.Pil)Dec.17,1885
Brannan.Baby               Mar.20,1913   Brown,Mrs Mary Ellen       Dec.2,1915
Brannan, (Dau.) (Cour)     0ct.20,1910   Brown, Olive               Sep.29,1910
Bratland, Olaf             0ct.4,1956    Bryan.Mrs Martha A.        Nov.7,1912
Brauer,Peter               Apr.29,1920   Bryan,Nannie               Feb.4,1904
Bray,Mrs J.                Aug. 6,1903   Bryan,Thomas               May.24,1900
Brekke, Louie (Cour)       Jun.21,1917   Buck,Ray                   Dec.5,1918
Brekke, Son)               0ct.1,1908    Bull,Baby Girl             Apr. 14,1898
Brennan.lnf Son            Feb.23,1893   Bull,Girl                  Feb.11,1904
Brennan.Wilma E.see above) Mar.17,1898   Bull,Dau. (Cl Rep Cour)    Jan. 6,1910
Brell,Cyrus Hamlin         Dec.8,1898    Bull,INf Dau               0ct.11,1895
Brewer, J.C. (Rep)         Sep. 6,1895   Bull, Leonard J.           Jun.21,1956
Briggs.W.G.                Nov.29,1894   Bull,Mrs Margaret          Jan.3,1901
Briggs.Mrs William         Nov.23,1911   Bull,Mrs Minnie(Co Cour)   May.31,1917
Brockman, Fred (Rep)       Apr.8,1898    Bull, Euth(RepCour)        Sep.16,1909
Broe,Jessie (Rep Cour)     May 26,1910   Bullard, Miss Emma         Jul.19,1956
Broholm, Amanda(May.29,1919)Apr.24,1919  Bullard.Mrs Henry          0ct.8,1914
Bromajohn,Howard           Nov.21,1918   Bulson, Enoch (Cour)       May.5,1910
Bronson.Fred               Apr.13,1916   Bultman,Frederick          Jul.27,1911
Brooks, Charles            Mar.8,1900    Bulton.Mrs Lucius          Apr.3,1919
Brooks, Mrs                Jan.11,1917   Bunn.D.L.                  Feb.22,1906
Brookd.Mrs Rhoda           Dec.31,1896   Burdette.Mrs               Jul.21,1910
Broker,J.A.or A.J.         Aug. 10,1893  Burdick, C.W.              Jan.5,1905
Brown,Mrs                  Sep.4,1902    Burdick, Mrs               May.7,1897
Brown, Albert              0ct.29,1903   Burke,Michael              Jan.13,1887
Brown,Baby Girl            Feb.4,1904    Burslew.lnf Dau. (Co Pil)  Sep.16,1886
Brown, Miss Bessie         Aug. 13,1896  Butler,William             Apr.5,1894
Brown, Inf. Child          Dec.4,1902    Butterfield.Mrs Amhurst    Feb.20,1902
Brown,Clarence             Sep. 17,1903  Butters,Oscar P.           Jun.11,1908
Brown,Donald (Cour)        Nov.21,1912   Buttery,Avice (Co Rep)     Jan.24,1896
Brown,Mrs Emma             May.8,1919    Butts,A.J.                 Apr.21,1904
Brown,Mrs Esther           Mar.19,1896   Butts,Elsworth             Nov.1,1906
Brown,F.A.                 Nov.7,1907    Buns,Mrs                   Dec. 13,1956
Brown, Frank D-            Apr.9,1914    Bye,DR.________            Dec.24,1914
Brown,George               Apr.5,1906    Bye.Inf Child (Cour)       Dec.1,1910
Brown,Mrs George           Feb.14,1889   Byrne.Mrs Winifred         Feb.12,1903
Cagley,George              Feb.7,1918    Caughman, M.D.             MAy.3,1906
C? e,Mr Lu B.              Mar.4,1920    Caulfield,Alfred           Feb.19,1920
Caldwell, Mr_______        Apr. 6,1905   Caufield,Mrs William       Jun.16,1904
Callahan.John G. (Rep)     Mar. 31,1899  Chamberlain,0.A.           Jan. 7,1892
Calvert.Mrs______          Jan. 16,1902  Chamberlain,Mrs Sallie     Mar.20,1902
Calvert, MrsMayme          Feb.28,1918   Chandler,Mr_________       Aug.27,1891
Cameron MR________         Apr.5,1906    Chase,Mrs                  Jan.4,1906
Campbell.Mrs Charles       Jun.25,1906   Chandler,Grace             Jan.23,1919
Campbell,Gen.Hugh J.Yankton)Apr.21,1898  Cheever.Mrs                Jul.8,l897
Campbell, Mrs Lee          Aug.14,1913   Cheney.A.P.                Jan.26,1905
Campbell, Neil             Aug.24,1893   Cheney,Herbert 0. (Rep)    Apr.17,1896
Canfield, Henry N.         May.1,1913    Chinburg.C.J.              Jan.23,1919
Canning,Hamilton (Pil Rev) Jan.29,1903   Christensen.Baby B^y       May.29,1919
Cannon,Cassius Marcellous  Mar.7,1912    Christensen.Mrs Eliza      May.28,1896
Carey,Arthur A.            Nov.5,1891    Christensen,,rs Elsie      Dec.24,1896
Carey, Mrs Emily           Feb.21,1911   Christensen, Mrs John      Feb.11,1915
Carlisle,John Griffin(Cour) Aug.4,1910   Christian,Mrs A.S.         Aug.29,1889
Carlson.Mrs Chris (Cour)   Apr. 5,1917   Christopherson,Henry       Dec.20,1906
Carlton,Child (Cour)       Nov. 16,1911  Christopherson,Nels        Sep.17,1908
Carnegie, Inf.Child, (rep) Jun.7,1901    Church,C.G. (Cour^         Jan.28,1909
Carner,Kenneth Child       Feb.7,1901    Churches,Ed                May.20,1897
Carpenter,Mrs Cynthia J.   May. 17,1906  Church,E.______Sr. (Rep)   Apr.26,1895
Carpenter,Ellen            Apr.30,1914   Clancy.Mrs J.E.            Nov.17,1904
Carpenter,E.B.             Sep.17,1891   Clapp.Girl (Rep)           Sep.21,1893
Carpenter,Rufus S.         Aug. 17,1916  Clapp.Girl                 Sep.30,1897
Carrier,Mrs Bertha A.      Jul.28,1892   Clapp, Child               Mar. 6,1913
Carrier,J.I. (Rep)         Apr. 6,1894   Clapp, Mrs                 0ct.19,1911
Carlson.Mrs Anna Matilda   Jul.27,1911   Clapp,Arthur (Rep)         Jun.21,1895
Carson,Charles (Inf.)      Sep. 12,1907  Clapp.George Walter        Mar.27,1902
Carson,George L. (Cour)    Mar.8,1917    Clapp, I.H.                Dec.26,1907
Carter, Inf.SoM            Jul. 13,1893  Clapp, Moses               Mar.28,1895
Carter,Mrs Charles         May.8,1913    Clark.Mrs Abigail          Feb.23,1911
Carter, INf.Dau.           Apy.13,1905   Clark, Mrs Bertha          Mar.23,1911
Carter, William            Jan.30,1919   Clark,Herbert )Cour)       Feb.15,1917
Carter, Woodford R.        Nov.29,1956   Clark,Leo E. Dec           Dec.5,1918
Ca?se.Rev.HerbertI.        0ct.11,1956   Clark,Ray                  May.II,1911
Casey, Lieui. E.W.         Jan. 15,1891  Clark,Stephen A.           May.9,1907
Casey.Miss Katie           Nov.5,1891    Clausen.Mr                 Apr. 16,1908
Castle,H.M.                Nov.18,1920   Clausen.Mrs Emma           Dec.27,1956
Clegg,Mr                   May. 5,1887   Conklin,Mrs S.J.           Apr.25,1889
Clemons.A.G.               Nov.26,1891   Conniff,Mrs Sarah          Jan.24,1907
Clemons,Mrs MAry E.        0ct.17,1901   Connor, Josh               0ct.26,1916
Cleveland,Will             0ct.26,1905   Connor,Mrs                 Mar,II,1920
Clinefelter.Mrs MAry       Aug.5,1897    Connor, Child              May.7,1908
Clone,Edith                Jun 2,1910    Connor,Baby                Apr.30,1903
Close,Mrs HAttie           Jul.19,1956   Conser.Eli P.              May3,l894
Cloud,Emery Dewitt         0ct.3,1918    Cook,Charles D.            Jui.22,1915
Cloud,Ernest               Aug.14,1919   Cook,James                 Dec.23,1897
Clove,lver                 Dec. 7,1911   Cook,M.W.                  Mar.25,1897
Clove,Ole                  Jun.29,1916   Cook,Will                  Nov.17,1904
Clyde,Mrs AGnes S.         Jun.7,1906    Cook,William T,            Jun.3,1915
Cochrane.Mrs Agnes         Jan.23,1913   Cook,Gr Mor Of Will        Nov.26,1903
Cochrane.Inf.Dau.          Aug.20,1897   Cooper, Clay-ton           Aug.26,1915
Cochrane,Samuel            Dec.17,1908   Corbin.Miss Alice MAbel    Jan.23,1908
Codding.Mr_______(Rep)     Feb.24,1899   Corbin.John P.or(Jas)      May.18,1911
Codding.Mrs Helen          Apr.13,1916   Corbin,William             Dec.21,1905
Coffman.Dau. (Cour)        Apr.29,1909   Corbin, Little Son         Nov. 16,1911
Co?enour,Mrs               Sep.19,1895   Cornelius,G.               Jan. 31,1907
Coil,Francis               Aug.14,1902   Cornelius,Otto             Jan.30,1913
Coil,Girl                  Aug.26,1897   Cornelius,Mrs Otto         May. 16,1912
Colburn.MrsGeorge (Repub) Feb.20,1902    Cornwall,Frank (Rep)       0ct.23,1896
Colclazier.Mrs PHoebe Ellen Nov.8.1956   Cornwell.BabyGirl          Apr. 1,1898
Cole, Girl                 Sep. 1,1910   Cosgrove.E.N.              Jun.15,1911
Cole,Robert E.             Jun.2,1910    Cosgrove.Lee               May.5,1904
Colgate,Inf Son            Feb.8,1894    Cosgrove.Mrs Sarah         0ct.11,1906
Collier,Frederick          Nov.8,1956    Cossum,Josephine Mary(Rep) May. 10,1895
Collins.A.W. Cour)         Jan.4,1917    Coslello.Mrs D'rlene       Jun.7,1956
Collins.C.C.               0ct.26,1893   Cote,Mrs                   Aug. 6,1903
Collins.lNf Girl           Mar,10,1904   Cotes,Mrs Thursa           Jul.17,1913
Collins.BAby Boy           Aug.29,1889   Coition,Mrs C.H.           May. 6,1897
Collins,Child              Mar.26,1908   Cotton,Inf.Child           Sep.28,1893
Collins.lNf Son            Feb.23,1956   Couch,Benjamin             Sep.9,1920
Collins,Mrs MAry           Jun.1,1905    Coughlin.Rev.Fath.         Dec.12,1918
Collins,MrsRuby            Apr.16,1908   Coughlin.Mrs Margaret      Sep.16,1920
Collins,Child              Sep.17,1908   Coughlin.WilliamA.         Jun. 1,1916
Conklin,Mrs E.F.           Apr.25,1889   Coulson.Mrs Henry          May.26,1904
Conklin,Mrs Mattie         May.2,1889    Covar,Jennie (Cour)        May.16,1912
Conklin,Gen.Sylvester J.   May.28,1914   Cowan. John                Jul. 30,1903
Cowan,Richard G.           Jul. 19,1900   Cunningham.Dau.           0ct.29,1908
Cox, Lewis                 Apr. 21,1904   currier.Mrs Abbie         Jun.21,1956
Cox.Mrs William (Rep)      Feb. 27.1902   curtice.Carl Lloyd        Apr.24.1919
Cox.Mrs Mary(Maymie)       Nov. 17.1898   Curtis.Mrs C.L.           Sep.22,1887
Coyle.Mrs (Rep Cour)       Jun. 18.1903   Curtice.Baby Girl         Aug. II,1910
Coyle.Mrs MAry             Mar. 10.1898   Curtice.Bert              Sep. 18,1919
Coyle.Patrick              Jun.23?,1904   Curtice,Calvin            Sep.28,1905
Cradit.Edna                Feb.27.1913    Curtice.MerI              Sep.2,1920
Cradit.Mrs Sarah           Nov. 6,1919    Curtice.Roy               May. 1,1913
Craney.Baby Girl           May. 13,1915   Cushman.Rev.Samuel F.     Mar.5,1914
Craney.Michael             Jan.30,1919 -  Custard. Son              May.27,1909
Craun, Child               Jan. 15,1897
Craun.lnf Child            Mar,21,1895
Craun,Henry (Cour)         Aug.18,1910         -------------D-------------
Crawford.Mr_________       0ct.30,1919
Crawford,Robert            Nov. 14,1907   Daehler.Mr                Apr. 14,1910
Crimmins,Catherine         Jun.21,1956    Dage.Mrs Apda             0ct.23,1919
Crinion.Mrs                Nov.26,1896    Dage.Mrs Emma E. (Cour)   Aug.26,1909
Cripps.Mrs                 Nov. 16,1905   Dage.lnf Child            Jan.5,1905
Criss.S^rah                Mar. 16,1911   Dage,Joseph Merle         Nov.19,1908
Croker, Son                0ct.29,1910    Dagres,Theodore           May. 16,1907
Crofts,George Bethul       Jul.8,1920     Dahl. lver (Rep)          Aug.18,1899
Crofts,Mrs Susan           Jun. II,1903   Dahlstrom.John            Mar.23,1916
Cromack.Capt.Sydney 0.     Apr.24,1902    Dahlstrom.Mrs John        Apr.9,1903
Cromack.Mrs S.O.           Feb.27,1913    Dahlstrom.lnf Dau.        Sep.26,1907
Cross,Louis                May.28,1891    Dahlstrom,Peter           Jan. 5,1899
Crossum,Little Girl        Apr.25,1895    Daley.Mrs (trnsf)         Jun.19,1902
Crough.Mr                  Aug.26,1920    Daley.Mrs Charles(Rep)    Mar.20,1902
Crounover.SoM              Sep.29,1910    Daley.Dorothea(child)     Mar.27,19021
Crow,Girl                  Aug.25,1887    Danforth.Mrs Lila         Jun.19,1919
Crowe.Mrs Sarah            Jun. 18,1903   Danforth,William CArrol   Aug.II,1910
Crowell,Joseph R.          Apr. 16,1891   Danielson,Magnus          Jan.30,1919
Crowell.Vernon             Sep.5,1889     Dann.Mrs Sallie           Jun.13,1907
Crull.Mrs                  Feb.23,1893    Dann,Child (Cour)         Feb.18,1909
Crumb,Mrs F.A.             May. 16,1889   Dann,Sellick              Jan.28,1904
C?lin,Jacob                Jul.30,1903    Davenport,Neva ALmeda     Aug.1,1907
Cummings.C.H.              Jul. 31,1913   David,Inf Dau.            Aug.3,1916
Cummings.MRs lsaac(Cour)   May.21,1903    Davidson, Son (Cour)      May.27,1909
Cunningham,Michael         Nov. 30,1911   Davidson, Baby Boy        Jul.15,1897
                                          Davis,Baby BOy             Dec. 19,1918
Davis.Mr                   Apr.20,1911    Deethardt.Mrs Ida M.       Apr.23,1908
Davis.Mrs Alma             Sep.23,1920    Delaney.Daniel             Jul.3,1913
Davis,Bernard Eldone       Feb.27,1919    Delongchamp,Ludovig M(Cour)Aug.8,1912
Davis.Mrs Brainard         Jun.14,1906    Demmon.John F.             May.26,1892
Davis,Mr Edward            Mar.28,1901    Denman,Mrs Sarah J(Cour)  Jan.13,1910
Davis,James                Jul.20,1916    DePeel.Georgie            Sep.9,1920
Davis,James V.             Aug. 15.1907   Deslongchamp,Moses        Jul.2,1908
Davis, MissLillian         May.4,1905     Desnoyers,Amelia          Dec.31,1896
Davis,Mrs Lillian          Mar.27,1919    Desnoyers,Charles Edward  Feb. 12,1903
Davis,Miss Nora            Apr. 10,1919   Desnoyers,Joseph          May.14,1896
Davis,Roland               Sep.21,1911    Deters,Mr (Cour)          May.2,1912
Davis,Mrs Rev.S.M.         Sep. 1,1904    Devine,Mrs Clara          Mar,8,1956
Davis,Wayne Maurice(lnf)   Apr. 10,1919   Deviney.MrsDorothy        May.24,1894
Davison,Mrs                May.31,1917    Deviney.Wilson G.         Jan.2,1896
Davison.Mrs Ludema J.      Dec. 17,1914   Dewey.Col.O.E.            Jun.25,1908
Day,_______ Mr.            Feb.4,1892     Dewey.Mrs 0.E.            0ct.22,1896
Day.Mrs Mortimer           Jul.28,1898    Dickey,Osbert D.(Rep Cour)Dec.9,1909
Day, Baby (Rep)            Apr.10,1896    Dickenson.Mr              Apr. 19,1900
Day,Mrs Alfred             May.9,1889     Dickenson.Mr Jeremiah     Feb. 6,1896
Day.lnf Dau.               May.23,1889    DiehI.Amy Baby girl)      Mar.21,1901
Day,Edward M.              0ct.13,1910    DiehI.Mrs                 Mar.10,1910
Day,Miss M^ry Alice        0ct.24,1918    DiehI.Mrs                 Dec.21,1893
Day,Thomas                 Mar.II,1897    Dietlie,Mrs Elizabeth     Feb.2,1956
Dean,Mrs Gladys            Feb.28,1901    Dill,Mrs L.J. (Rep)       Jul.24,1896
Dean,Isaac N.              Apr.27,1905    Dillon.Ben                Feb.13,1902
Dean,Joseph Era            Apr. 6,1916    Diltz,William (Cl Rep)    Jan.9,1902
Dean,Sidney L.             Feb.23,1893    Dinsmore.Mrs Annie        May.9,1907
DEan, Mrs Sidney           Jan.14,1915    Dinsmore.MrsElizabeth     Apr.5,1900
D an.THomas                Jun.1,1911     Dinsmore.Mrs Emma         Mar.5,1914
Dean,Thomas E. Jr.         Mar.27,1902    Dinsmore.MrsL.J.          Mar.3,1910
DEan, TWin                 Jun.19,1902    Dinsmore,Thomas Sr.(Rep)  Nov.22,1895
Dean,I f DAu.TWin?         Jul.24,1902    Disrud.lnf Bhild.         0ct.4,1906
Dean, Baby Boy             Jun.2,1904     Disrud.Otto               0ct.31,1918
Dearborn,Boy               001.28,1920    Doak,William E.           Apr. 1,1920
Decker.lnf Ch.             Dec.22,1910    Doan,William A.           May.25,1893
Dede.Mrs Maggie            Jul. 10,1919   Doan,MRs W.E.             Feb.26,1920
Dede.Marvin John           May.8,1919     Dobbs.Chester P.          Jun.16,1904
                                   ---D's Cont.---

Dobbs,(Fath Of Mrs C.P.)     0ct.29,1903          -----E—----
DoobS.Mrs Elizabeth (Rep)    May.22,1902    Ebberts,MRs Glenn         Jan.9,1919
Doer,Miss Maggie             Mar. 31,1887   Eckerman,George W.        May.22,1919
Dollard,Major Robert (Cour)  May.2,1912     Eckerson.Will             Dec.29.1904
Donahue,William Ar-thur(inf.) Jul. 12,1894  Edgell,Clarence           0ct.11,1956
Donahue,(Mor.of Mrs John(Cour)Feb. 15,1912  Edminster.Mrs Benjamin    Mar. 10,1887
Donaldson.Mrs C.C. (Rep)     Jul. 19,1895   Edminster.Bennie (Boy)    Mar.10,1887
Donley.Barney (Rep)          Nov.27,1902    Edwards, Son              Jun. 17,1909
Donoho.Oer-tel M.            Sep. 15,1910   Edwards,Emanuel           Aug.3,1916
Donovan.Mary                 Feb. 6,1919    Edwards,Faye              Jan.29,1891
Dorsey.lNf DAu.              Sep. 21,1916   Edwards,Jesse Howard      May.5,1892
Dougherty.l______            Jul. 16,1896   Edwards,Ray (inf.son.)    Apr.23,1908
Douglas,Child                0ct.26,1893    Edwards,Samuel            0ct.3,1901
Douglas,Stephen, (Rep)       Apr.27,1894    Edwards,Mrs Elizabeth     0ct.29,1896
Douglas,William              Jan. 3,1907    Eggen.Miss Ella           Jun. 12,1913
Dowd.Mr                      Nov.20,1919    Eggen,Ellen Maria         May.25,1911
Dowen.Mrs Rev.0.E. (Rep)     Feb. 22,1901   Eggen,Gilbert H. (Rep)    Apr.13,1900
Downes.Baby Girl             Feb.25,1909    Eggen,Mrs Johanna Emelia  Jun. 13,1907
Downes.J.E.                  Nov.29,1906    Eggen,(Mrs M.G.'s SISTER) Nov.2&9,1905
Downs,H^rry (Cour)           0ct.18,1917    Eggleston,Arthur          Dec.1,1898
Down,Mrs Nellie (Cour)       Nov.23,1911    Elbert,________Granpa     Mar.27,1919
Doyen,Child                  May. 14,1908   Elliott, Mrs              Nov. 19,1914
Draisey.Baby Boy             Nov.27,1919    Elliott,Mrs Ezcy          Jan.5,1905
Draisey.Mrs Cicely Mary      Jul. 19,1956   Elrod,Charles W.          May.25,1916
Drake,Mr                     Mar. 13,1913   Elrod,Inf.Dau.            Sep. 6,1894
Drake,MrsL.A.                Apr. 7,1898    Elrod,Jesse Franklin      Feb.26,1903
Dudley,Charges               Sep.20,1956    Elrod,Mrs Mary E.(Rep)    Jan.16,1901
Duffy,Little Son             Mar. 16,1905   Elrod,W.F. (Rep Cour)     Jul. 1,1909
Duffy,Henry V.               May.13,1897    Elsey,Robert              Jan.17,1907
Duggan,James A.              Dec.2,1920     Elwood.Mathew             0ct.6,1910
Dunham.S.E.                  Jan. 5,1911    Emerson,William A.(Rep_COU$Aug.26,1909
Dunham.MrsS.E. (Cour)        Mar. 15,1917   Engen,Child               May.4,1893
Dunlap.Baby                  Apr. 5,1901    English,Rush              Dec.5,1907
Dunlap,Lizzie                Jan. 15,1956   Erbes.Mrs Willemina       Mar.1,1956
Dunn,William                 Dec. 10,1891   Erickson.Mrs Augusta      Aug.10,1916
Dunning.Harry                Apr. 7,1904    Erickson,Eric(Rep Cour)   Jun.9,1904
Duquet,James                 Jan. 23,1913   Eubank.Mary               Jul. 29,1920
                                            Evans.Son                 Mar.16,1911
                                                                   ----E Cont.----


Evans, Inf.Son.             Apr.24,1913   Felt,Inf Child           Jul.2,1908
Evans, Boy                  Apr.20,1900   Fick,Mrs Agnes Catherine  Sep. 13,1956
Evans.John                  Feb.5,1920    Fillmore.Mrs Christina W.  Jan. 30,1919
Everett.James               Mar.7,1918    Fillmore,F.C.             Jul,14,1904
Everett, John G.            Jun. 18,1914  Finley,Daniel(Rep)       0ct,14,1898
                                          Finley,Robert            Mar.22,1894
                                          Finnerty.MrsWilliam      Jan.19.1905
***F***                                   Finstad.BAby             Feb.14,1907
Fagen.M.K.                  Mar. 6,1919   Fischer.Mrs Anna         Feb.27,1902
Fahey,James                 Feb.27,1908   Fischer.Mrs Henry(Cour)  Jul.26,1917
Fahey.John                  Feb. 6,1919   Fishel.Mrs D.W.          Apr.24,1913
Fallum.Van                  Nov. II,1915  Fisher,Girl (Cour)       Apr.22,1909
Fanning.Mrs (Rep)           Aug.18,1899   Fisher,Otto              Jun.30,1910
Fanset.W.J.                 Sep.25,1919   Fitzpatrick.Mrs          Jul.2,1914
Farley,Agnes Mary           Sep.4,1913    Fitzpatrick.M.H.         Oct.22,1914
Farley,James                Jan. 19,1905  Fjelland.Miss Cora       Jul.11,1918
Farnes,Andrew               May.8,1919    Fjelland.LOuie K.        Mar.9,1911
Farr.Inf Son                Apr.7,1887    Flahive.John L. (Cour)   Apr. 19,1917
Farrel,George               Jun.27,1889   Flanders,A.W.            Dec. 14,1911
Farrel.PAt                  Aug.13,1903   Flanston,Child           Aug. 18,1887
Faucher,Francis             0ct.5,1916    Flatten, 2 Children(Rep)  0ct.19,1900
Faick,Clarence              Jan.16,1919   Fletcher.Mrs Elizabeth   Apr.30,1956
Faick,George                Jan. 16,1919  Florey.Roy               Aug. 31,1911
Fans,Mr (Rep)               Dec.4,1902    Fokken.MrsA.A.           May.27,1915
Fans.Mrs Bertha             Jun.25,1903   Fokken,(A.A.?)Granpa     Jan. 1,1920
Fay,_______Mr               May. 12,1904  Foley.Mrs Katie          Feb.2,1911
Fechtelkotter.Miss Pearl    Dec. 18,1919  Foley.Miss Katie         Mar.16,1905
Fegert.Mrs Albert           Jul.24,1919   Folkstad.Mrs Martin(Cour) Mar.l,1917
Fegert,Arthur               Feb.2,1856    Follett.Ray               Nov.16,1916
FehIman.Dr Albert           Jan.19,1956   Ford, Dau.                Nov.5,1908
Fehrs,Charles H.            Nov.14,1907   Ford.Mrs                  Jul. 31,1913
Fehrs.HAns John             Jul. 6,1911   Forde.Erik H. v.st's)     Mar. 17,1910
Feibelkorn.Mrs (Cour)       May.2,1912    Fortner.Mrs Ellen(Pub)    Mar.4,1898
Feind.Ed                    Mar. 5,1914   Foss.Andrew               0ct.18,1906
Feldrneyer.Atvin            Feb. 13,1919  Foss.Ben (COUR)           May.27,1909
Feldmeyer.Seb               Mar.26,1914   Foster,Mrs                Aug.28,1919
Feldrneyer.Willie           Jan.29,1903   Foster,Charles            Dec.24,1914
Felstehausen.Miss Clara     Mar.8,1956    Foster, Inf. child        Feb.20,1908
Felstehausen.William        Jan. 31,1918  Foster.James George       May.24,1956
                                  ---F's Cont---
Foster.Miss Mabel (Cour)   Jun.3,1909    Gregory,Charles P.        Aug.17,1916                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Fountain,Mrs Ellen         Sep. 18,1919  Gregory,George W.         May23,1901
Fox.DAniel (COUr)          Mar. 13.1917  Gregory,Mrs Harriett      0ct.23,1919
Fox,Mrs John T.            Jun. 13,1901  Gregory,Mrs Nellie        Apr.7,1892
Fox.Gtrl (Rep)             Jun. 14,1901  Gremels.Mrs               Sep.8,1910
Fox,Mrs John               Apr. 5,1900   Griffin,Mrs Adeline       Mar.26,1908
Fox,John Reed              Jul.8,1920    Griffin,Int.Son           Jun.5,1913
Fox.Collin                 Apr. 18,1895  Griffin,Son (Cour)        Nov.25,1909
Foy.H.D. (Cour)            Nov. 10,1910  Griffin,Mr                Nov.28,1907
Foy.Mrs                    Apr.24,1919F  Griffin,Ed V.             Sep.12,1889
Foy,Frank (Rep)            Sep. 30,1898  Griffith,Boy (Rep)        Jun.28,1895
Foy.John (Rep)             Sep. 30,1898  Griffith,W.Roy            Mar.10,1904
Foy.Mr                     Mar.24,1904   Grigg,Enoch               Aug. 1,1907
Foy,Mrs                    Mar.24,1904   Grigg, Mrs Enoch          Mar.15,1906
Framstad.Mrs /Anna         Jun. 19,1919  Grigg,William             May.5,1910
Frantz,George              Dec.23,1920   Grimshaw.Mr               Aug.8,1895
French,Mrs                 May 5,l892    Grimshaw.Mrs Margaret     Aug. 6,1914
French,Mrs (Rep)           Sep.29,1900   Grimshaw.Fierre           Jul.22,1915
French.Mrs Harriet         Jul. 13,1911  Grover,Albert             May. 1,1902
French,L.N.                Jun.29,1905   Grover,Mrs Kate MAe       Mar.18,1897
Frey.Aaron                 Mar.20,1919   Gruber.Mrs Henry(Cour)    0ct.18,1917
Froke,Christian 0.         Jul.23,1903   Guest,Mr                  Feb.22,1906
Frolech.John Jr. (Rep)     Dec.29,1893   Guest,Mrs Mary E.         May. 6,1897
Fryslie,Arnold             May.20,1920   Guest,Baby Boy            Mar. 19,1896
                                         Gula.Neva (Cour)          Dec. 5,1912
---G----                                 Gussman.Mrs MAry E.       Jun. 6,1895
Graves,Mrs Beaulah         Mar. 16,1911  Gustafson.Albert(Cour)    Aug.22,1912
Graves, Boy                Aug. 1,1901   Gustafson.Baby Boy        Mar.30,1916
Gray,Int.Child             Apr. 5,1894   Gustafson.F.O.            Nov. 12,1914
Gray,John V.               Jan. 31,1918  Gustafson,Victor          Dec.2,1920
Green,A.H. (Rep)           Mar.22,1901   Geise,August              May.22,1902
Green,A.F. (Rep)           Dec. 1,1899   Geise,Lawrence            Aug.3,1916
Green,Patrick              May. 15,1919  Geise,Otto                Jun.2,1898
Green,Mrs PAt              Feb.1,1894    Geise,Mrs (Rep)           Sep.1,1893
Green.Miss Minnie          Mar. 9,1905   Geise,Hon.William         May.31,1906
Greenfield.Mrs             Mar.8,1956    Geise,William             Sep.17,1908
Greenfield.Mrs Fred        0ct.21,1915   Geise,William 3rd         Sep.2,1897
Greenslet.Fred Cliff       0ct.20,1898   George,Ernest             Aug.II,1892
Greget,Chris (Cour)        0ct.17,1912   George,Int. Son           Feb. 13,1902
                           -------G. Cont.------    
Gerber,Fred                  Mar. 18,1897  Grant,Mrs Ozilda          Apr.21,l899
Gerber.Fred                  Sep. 12,1907  Grauel.P.R.               Apr. 5,1894
Gerber.Jacob(REp)            Feb. 11,1898  Gaarder.Hans              Dec.23,1915
German, Corlis               Jul.24,1919   Gage,Frances              Aep.II,1919
German.Daniel                Nov.28,1918   Gagnon.MRs Gilbert        Mar. 13,1919
Gilbert.Mr Adna              Nov. 23,1893  Gale,FATHER of Mrs E.     Jul.2,1903
Gilbert,Ferris D.(cour)      Sep. 9,1909   Gallagher,Felix           May.21,1908
Gillard.Willis               0ct.19,1905   Gallagher.Mrs J.J.        Nov.30,1911
Gillies,George               Nov. 16,1905  Gallagher.Ned(Cour)       Aug.27,1903
GillieS,Mrs(George)Janet     Jun.9.1904    Galligan.E.M.             Aug.27,1903
Gillis,Charles E.            Apr.29,1926   Galligan,George           Feb.28,1918
Gillis.John E.(Cour)         Sep.29,1910   Gamber. Boy               Feb.4,1892
Gillis,Mrs Mira              Sep. 19,1901  Gammelin.BAby             May. 13,1902
Gillis,Mrs MAry Ann          Mar. 5,1908   Gammelin.Rev.W.J.         Mar.6,1919
Gillis,Child                 Apr. 7,1887   Gammelin,William (Cour)   Jan. 14,1909
Gillis,Girl                  Sep. 13,1894  Gangnon.Gilbert(Cour)     May. 16,1912
Gillis,Robert                Dec. 9,1915   Gardner,Egbert (Rep)      Nov.24,1899
Gillman.Fred Sr.             Apr 20,1905   Gardner,Mr                Nov.4,1915
                                           Garfield,Charles C.       Mar. 15,1894
Glasco,Child (rep)           0ct.18,1895   Garrison,Mrs Dora(Rep)    Apr.7,1899
Glynn, Miss                  Jan. 6,1887   Garrison.Boy              Sep.20,1894
Goadard.Ora                  Sep.26,1901   Garrison.Boy              Dec.5,19l8
Goetz.Mrs Regina             May.4,1916    Ga=rison,Mrs Myrtle       Dec. 5,1918
Goldsmith,Fay                Feb. 1,1906   Garrison.Leon             Dec 5,19l8
Gonstead.Son                 Dec. 7.1905   Garrison.Mrs N^ncy        Dec.8,1892
Goo,Frederick                Jul.20,1911   Gary.Mrs                  Jul.2,1896
Goodell.John                 May.8,1919    Gary.Hal W.               Jun.21,1956
Goodman.Mr                   Dec.17,1914   Gafes.Mrs Anna            Feb.4,1915
Goodrich.MrsF.N.             Apr. 5,1956   Gates.Emma A. (Cour)      Apr.22.1909
Goodrich.Albert Horatio      Dec. 19,1918  Gates,Florence A.        Jun.7,1956
Gordan.Baby                  Feb.2,1911    Gates,MOTHERof MrsG.W.    May.27,1915
Gordon.Baby                  Dec. 7,1911   Gates,Lawrence            Jul. 1,1920
Gordan. J.L. (Rep)           Mar.20,1896   Gaumitz.Mrs Eleonore      Dec. 7,1893
Goss.Fred (Cour)             Jul.20,1911   Gaumitz.Gottlieb          Dec. 31,1891
Gottsleben.Mrs Bertha        Jan.12,1956   Gavin.Katherine           Feb.20,1908
Gottsleben.lnf DAu.          Jun.10,1915   Gehrke, Mrs Minnie        Jun.21,1956
Gould.Mrs Cynthia            May.30,1907
Govers.H.E.                  Jan. 30,1913
Graham,William               Feb.21,1907
Grange.Mrs                   Dec.1,1904
Grannis,Mrs Jessie           Jun.24,1898
Grant,Mrs Adah               Dec. 12,1895
Hackbarth,Alex             Mar. 18,1909   Hanson,Mrs Josephine     Jan. 19,1956
Hackett.W.G.               Jan. 19,1956   Hanson.Lyle (Cour)       Nov.29,1917
Hagen.Mrs Anne             Aug.9,1906     Hanson.L.G. (Rep)        Mar.16,1894
Hagen, F.C.                Feb. 1,1906    Hanson.RaymondH.         Jan. 16,1919
                                          Hanson Sever             Jan. 01, 1912
Hager,J.K.                 Aug. 23,1900   Hapgood,Harrison         Apr.30,1908
Hagman,C—                  Apr.28.1910    Hapgood.George W.        Apr.22,1915
Hague.Snyder L.            Sep.27,1906    Hapgood.Mrs Wary Ann     0ct.26.1916
Hajeck.Duane Carol         0ct.25,1956    Harder,Girl              May. 15,1906
Halde.Mrs Lena (Rep)       Jun. 15,1900   Harding,Jacob            Nov.24,1887
Halde, Inf Ch. (Rep)       Feb. 17,1899   Harding.Twin             Mar.28,1907
Hall,Charles W.            Mar. 14,1907   Harding.Waldo D.         Jun. 6,1901
Hall,Orlo                  May.15,1913    Hardy,FATH of MrsFrank   Feb. 5,1914
Ha11,W.K.                  Aug.25,1910    Harmes, Andrew           Dec.16,1920
Hallett.Mrs Bessie L.      Nov. 28,1895   Harmon.Porter J.         Dec.2,1897
Halliok.Mrs Jessie E.      Mar. 17,1910   Harmon.Mrs               Jun.4,1908
Halliday.Son               Mar. 31,1898   Harmon.Sibil C.          Nov. 9.1911
Halloway.Mrs M—            Feb. 6,1913    Harrington.Mrs Annie     Nov. 6,1919
Hallowell.Willie Graoe(fe)Rep)Mar.24,1899 Harrington.MrsLydea(Rep-Cour)Apr 21,1?
Hallstead.ELnora Mabel     Feb. 13.1908   Harris.Mrs Exa A         May.28,1896
Hamilton.lnf Ch .          Jan. 12,1893   Harris,Frank             Nov.4,1915
Hamilton.Mrs A—            May.23,1889    Harris.Mrs               May.7.1903
Hample.Baby Bo^            May.25,1916    Harris,Inf Dau.          Apr.9,1903
Hanchett.Mrs Jane          Jul. 16,1914   Harris.Child             Mar.29,1894
Hanchette.Jonah A.         0ct.21,1915    Harris,Mrs JennieE.      0ct.14,1897
Handke,Charles             Jun.24,1915    Harris,Inf Dau.          Jan.29,1903
Handke,Gladys              Feb. 12,1920   Harris,Martin            0ct.30,1913
Handke,Julius A.           Dec.22,1904    Harris,Mrs Eliza A.      0ct.23,1919
Hanna,Chester              Jul. 6,1916    Harris,Waller William    Dec.5,1918
Hannigan,Charles (Cour)    Aug. 19,1909   Harrison.Mrs Oaroline    0ct.27,1892
Hannigan.lnf Girl          Nov.29,1894    Harrison,V.R. (Child)    Apr.27,1911
Hannigan,MrsJohn           Apr.30,1914    Hart,Mrs EmmaH.          Feb.26,1920
Hannigan,Mrs Teresa (rep)  0ct.19,1900    Hart,THomas              Dec.10,1908
Hannol.Mrs Ida B.          Jun.18,1914    Hart,William (Cour)      Nov.15,1917
Hansen.Girl (Cour)         Aug. II,1910   Harter.Mrs J.E. (Cour)   Jan.25.1912
Hansen.James               Jun. 29,1916   Harvey,James             Jul.24,1919
Hanson.Inf Son             Sep. 10,1903   Harvey,Mrs               Aug.29,1907
Hanson,Chris               0ct.3,1889     Harvey,Miss Emma         Jan. 6,1887
Hanson,Chris T.            Sep.22,1910    Harvey,Harold (Cour)     Jan.11,1917
Hanson,Family(2 dau-2sons  Mar. 12,1897   Harvey,MrsNMncy          Nov.9,1905
Harvey,Pervy E. Inf          0ct.4,1906    Helland.Baby Boy          Apr. 7,1898
Harvey,William               DEc.5,1901    Hellbusch.Mrs Emma        Apr.2,1908
Hass'l—2Raymond              Dec.7.1911    Henderson.Mr___           Mar.6,1902
Hastings,William             Jun.8,1911    Hendricks,Thomas A.(CICOPil)Nov.26,l885
Hatch.MrsEmily P. (Rep)      Jan .2,1902   Hendricks.Mrs Delia       Jul.10,1902
Hatteberg.Prof.J.J.          Nov.23,1911   Hendrickson.Mrs Emma      Mar. 6,1919
Haug.Hellena J.              Nov.16,1905   Henriksen T.C.            Feb.16,1956
Hauge.Otto M.                Jul.II,1907   Henry, Jim                Jun.21,1956
Haugerud.John                May.14,1891   Henry,MOR of Mrs W.E.     Nov.26,1914
Hayden.John(Jack)            Dec.2,1920    Henry,Mrs (Cour)          Apr.4,1912
Hayes.Burt                   Sep. 30,1897  Henry,Baby                Aug.29,1901
Hayes.C.P.                   Mar. 19,1903  Herbison,Archie (Rep)     Dec.8,1899
Headley,Girl (Cour)          May. 13,1909  Herbison.Mrs Elsie G.     May.9,1907
Headly.Girl (Cour)           Mar.4,1909    Herbison, Baby            0ct.14,1915
Headly.John                  Jun. 1,1905   Herbison,Baby Girl        Aug. 17,1911
Heath,Clarence(Baby)         Jun.8,1905    Herbison,John             Apr.1,1915
Heaton,Alfred                Apr. 2,1908   Herbison,Mrs John         Jan.26,1905
Heaton.Mrs Alfred            Jun.6,1895    Hern,David W.             Aug.27,1903
Heber.Mrs                    0ct.9,1902    Hern,Mrs Margaret         Aug.24,1916
Heber,Joseph M.              Dec.21,1911   Herron,Frank Jr.          Apr.1,1920
Heckman.Mrs                  Mar. 14,1907  Hess.Mr______(Rep)        Feb.27,1902
Heffernan.Mrs KAte           Mar.24,1910   Hess.John                 Mar. 10,1904
Hegarty.Boy                  Jun.17,1920   Hiatt.Harley              Nov.26,1903
Hegarty.Girl (Cour)          Mar. 14,1912  Hiby.Mary Girl            Jan. 12,1911
Hegarty,Edwin Inf.           Jun. 15,1916  Hickey.John               Mar.24,1904
HEgarty.Mrs (Oke)Will        0ct.29,1914   Hilgert,John(Jr?)         Jan.16,1919
Hegarty,Adaline              Jun. 15,1916  Hilgert.JOhn (Apr 25,or   May.2,1901
Hegarty,Geraldine(twin)      Jun. 15,1916  Hilgert.Mrs MAry          Jul. 16,1914
Hegarty,William Sr.          Apr.20,1911   Hilgomo.John              May.23,1889
HEidenworth,Chris (Cour)     Jan.18,1917   Hilke,George              Jan.20,1887
Heidenworth.Mrs Henrietta    Dec.15,1904   Hill,Hollis               Mar.2,1905
Heith, Fred                  Feb. 13,1919  Hill,Hollis               Mar.27,1902
Hele.Mr________              May. 31,1894  Hi3-l,Child               Mar,5,1908
Hele.Mrs (cour)              Mar. 8,1917   Hiney,Child               May.4,1905
Helgemore.Marie J.           Nov.28,1907   Hink,Mrs John J.(Cour)    Aug.II,1910
Holland,Charles (Cour)       0ct.31,1912   Hoblet.CAton              Aug.21,1913
Holland,Anne                 Apr.13,1893   Hoblitt.S.L.              Aug.18,1887
Helland.Anna Serena.inf      Apr.16,1891   Hoffman.Girl              Aug.15,1907
Helland.Knut (Rep)           Jun.2,1899    Hoffman.lnf Son           Apr.26,1894
Hoffman.Mrs Frank            Jun. 18,1903  Howard,A.S.               Feb.21,1901
Hofstad,Alice Antonetta      Jan.9,1919    Howard,George A.          Feb.17,1898
Hofstad.Knute                DEc. 10,1903  Howard,Inf Child (Rep)    Feb.II,1898
Hogstad,Jens                 Jan.26,1956   Howard,Milton inf son     Apr.2,1914
Holborn,Elijah               Jan. 13,1899  Howe.Boy                  Sep.4,1913
Holborn.Mrs Martha           Jan. 30,1908  Howe.Mrs                  Nov.22,1894
Holkan.Mrs Lars              Sep. 7,1911   Howe.Mrs Rev Charles      Mar.28,1889
Holida.Son                   Mar. 31,1898  Howe.Mrs Mary E.          Mar.27,1919
Holida,Linda Mae             0ct.11,1956   Howe,Pearl M.             Apr.14,1892
Holida.Mary                  Nov.28,1907   Howe,Roy                  Jan. 15,1891
Holliday,Thomas V.           Nov. 8,1906   Houy,Miss Viola            Aug.26,1920
Holland,D_________           0ct.15,1903   Hoye Simen H.             Jan.15,1914
Hollstead.lnf Ch             Jul.24,1902   Hubbard.John (Cour)       Dec.23,1909
Holm,Karl Melvin             0ct.13,1910   Hubbard.Levy (Rep)        0ct.6,1899
Holm,Son                     0ct.20,1910   Hubbard,Child (Rep)       0ct.9,1902
Holmes .Henry                Apr. 13,1911  Hubbard,Uberi             Dec. 3,1891
Holmes,James Edward          Apr. 3,1919   Huber.John Adam           Nov. 21,1918
Holmes.John Clay (Cour)      Mar.15,1917   Huber.John S. (Cour)      Jun.21,1956
Holmes, (niece)(COur)        Feb. 18,1909  Huber.Leo Jerome          Jul.5,1956
Holmes,Thomas C.             Apr. 10,1919  Hudson,Mrs                Jul.II,1901
Hollen.W.J.                  Jul. 7,1887   Hueslis.Mrs MAry J.       Jul. 16,1908
Homm.Mrs Louise              Feb.2,1956    Huestis,Peter             Nov.7,1889
Homme.Mrs Aase               Jul.7,1910    Huey.J.N.                 Feb.20,1896
Hood,E.W. (Cour)             Apr.22,1909   Huffman,Mrs Ann           Dec.9,1897
Hood.Mrs E.W.                Nov.20,1919   Hughes.Mrs Henrietta      Dec.4,1919
Hoodie.Mrs Julia Anna        Feb.28,1918   Hughes.Mrs                Nov.24,1898
Hooker,Frances child         Jan. 5,1893   Hughes,George T.          Jul.7,1910
Hoon.H.M.                    Jan.30,1896   Hugos,Mrs E.              Mar.30,1905
Hoover,Evans P.              Sep. 10,1908  Huisenga.Mrs              Aug.27,1914
Hoover,Franklin R.           0ct.16,1913   Huisenga,William          0ct.29,1914
Hoover,Inf Son               Aug.13,1908   Hukaas.Ole                Mar.8.1900
Hoover,Inf Son               Feb. 18,1915  Huke,—                    Jan.8,1920
Hoover.Mrs Violet            Sep. 1,1904   Hulberl.Addie E. (Rep)    Jul.21,1899
Hopkins,Cyril G.             0ct.16,1919   Hulbert,Helen G. (rep)    Apr.21,1899
Hopper.Mrs                   Mar.26,1914   Hulbert.Irene E. (Rep)    Apr.21,1899
Hopper.Thomas                Jun.27,1918   Hulbert,Child (Rep)       Sep.20,1895
Hoscheid.Wesley & James      Jun.II,1914   Hull.William SR.          Sep.12,1907
                                           Hull, Mrs William Sr.     Jun.13,1918
Houghton.Mrs Marcus (Rep)    0ct.17,1901   Hull,Baby Boy             Feb.9,1905
Houghlon.Mrs J.L.            Mar. 12,1908  Hulscher,Andrew           Feb.2,1956
Houghton.SON                 Feb. 17,1910
       ----H's Cont.----- 

Humphrey, Mrs               Sep. 8,1892  Ishmaci,Raleigh            0ct.24,1918
Humphrey,Julius W. (COur)   Jan.21,1909  lverson.alfred Kristian    Nov. 1,1956
Humphrey,Mrs Phoebe Anna    Sep.24,1914  lverson,Arthur             Dec. 19,1918
Humphrey,Mrs Verelle        Feb. 16,1911 Iverson.Mr.(fath I.J.)     Apr.3,1913
Hunsden.N.S.                Aug.20,1891
Hunting-ton,L.W.            Jan. 15,1891               -----J—--—-
Huntington.lnf Child        Nov.9,1905   Jackson.A.J.               May.4,1916
Hurd.Mr (Rep)               Jan.13,1899  Jackson,Mrs Bertha         May.10,1956
Hurd.Pvt.Victor             Dec. 12,1918 Jackson, Carl              June.II,19114
HurIbert.Carl               Jan.7,1915   Jackson, Charlie(F?)       Feb.22,1895
HurIbert.Mrs                Apr. 6,1911  Jackson.Clifford Andrew    Sept.21,191
Huribert,George Sr.         Sep. 30,1915 Jackson,Mitchell L.        Dec.13,1888
HurIbert.Glen               Mar.2,1916   Jackson,Mrs Rachel Jane    0ct.18,1906
Huribert,Son                Jul.8,1920   Jacobs,Baby Girl(par Geo)  Mar.14,1912
Huribert,Henry S.           Mar. 6,1919  Jacobs,Daisy Gwendolin     Sept.29,1910
Huribert,Mrs NAncy          Apr.22,1915  Jacobs,Mrs Hazel           Nov.28,1918
Huribert,Norton A           Mar. 8,1956  Jacobshagen, H.J.          Apr.7,1910
Hurlbut.Mrs Guy             Feb.9,1905   Jacobson.Carl              Aug. 3,1893
Hurlbut.ira Almeron         Nov.11,1920  Jacobson,Martin            Mar.19,1903
Hurlbut.lnf Son             Mar.10,1892  Jahn.Mrs August            May. 5,1904
Hurle,Agnes                 0ct.13,1898  Jahn.Ted                   May.3,1956
Huseley.Mrs (Cour)          Jul.27,1911  Jahn,William               0ct.17,1918
Hush,Ralph George           Jun.26,1913  Jencks,Arthur Wellington   June.12,1913
Hutchinson.Mrs              Sep. 8,1910  Jenkins, Mrs Jessie(Root)  Apr.25,1912
Hutchinson Family(cyclone)  Aug.18,1898  Jensen,Helen Geraldine     Mar. 6,1919
Hval.Gunder                 0ct.26,1905  Jesen.Mrs Tena             June.28,1956
Hval.Mrs Marguerite         Dec.23,1915  Jeson.Mrs Hannah           Nov.II,1920
Hyde.Mr                     Mar. 6,1913  Jerrow,James W.            May.22,1919
Hyke.Bennie                 Nov.5,1903   Jerrow, John               Nov.29,1917
                                         Jerrow,Mrs John            Jan.8,1914
                                         Jerrow,Mrs Viola           July.3,1919
____I____                                Jerrow,William(sonThomas)  Apr.17,1904

lmlay, John Sr.             Mar. 22,1901 Johnson.Mrs                Apr.21,1910
lmlay, Mary A.              Sept.30,1909 Johnson.Mr                 Apr.27,1911
Ingersoll, Mrs              Nov. 7,1918  Johnson.Mr                 Apr.13,1911
lngles, Mrs Kate            0ct.12,1900  Johnson.Mrs                May.18,1911
Ingle,Nicholas(Rep)         JAn. 11,1901 Johnson,Andrew             July.8,1898
Irwin,Joseph                Sept.20,1917 Johnson,Anton H.           May.27,1915
Irwin.Will                  May,14,1897  Johnson,——agel7(dauCarl)   Dec.12,1889


Johnson,Mrs Beatrice        Apr.25,1907   Johnston, Robert W.       Jan.23,1919
Johnson,Beatrice (child)    Apr.18,1907   Johnston, Mrs Mable       Nov.10,1910
Johnson.Mrs Beatta          Sept.10,1908  Johnston, Baby(dauRbobert)Feb.4,1904
Johnson, Carl               Dec. 24,1914  Johnston.Mis Sarah A.     Aug.27,1896
Johnson.Mrs Britta          Jan. II,1912  Jolley.David              June.2,1904
Johnson,Carl Edward         Oct.4,1906    Jolley, John C.           Aug.24,1900
Johnson,—(dau Carl)         Dec.29,1910   Jolley, Mrs(Grandma)      May.3,1901
Johnson.Baby(parCarl)       Dec.25,1919   Jolley,Mrs Harriet        Jan.27,1898
Johnson.Mrs Carrie H.       July.25,1907  Jones,Mr(fath E.M.&W.A.)  Dec.14,1900
Johnson,Charles             Jan.25,1906   Jones.Mrs                 July.29,1898
Johnson.Mrs Chris           Apr. 7,1898   Jones,Mrs Geo. W.         July. 13,1893
Johnson, Tnf.(dauEmil)      0ct.2,1913    Jones, Miss Carrie        Nov.23,1893
Johnson,Little Boy(sonGunhild Feb. 15,1906  Jones,Mrs Deborah       0ct.1,1908
Johnson.MrsHans             Apr. 5,1906   Jones,Douglas Alien       May.3,1956
Johnson, Felix              June,27,1901  Jons, Edward              May. 31,1917
Johnson,Florence May        July.21,1887  Jones,Mrs ElizabelhC.     Nov.8,1956
Johnson,Fred                Sept.16,1920  Jones,Mrs Harriet E.      Apr. 6,1893
Johnson,Harry               Oct. 13,1910  Jones,Mrs W.S.            Jan.29,1903
Johnson.Mrs Helen           Dec. 6,1956   Jones,Mrs Marie           May.22,1896
Johnson,H J.                Jan.27,1898   Jones,N.F.                0ct.10,1907
Johnson, (fath ofMrs James) Mar. 17,1898  J^nes, Oliver K.          Feb.19,1920
Johnson.Mrs Jennie          Sept. 6,1956  Jones,Sylvester           May.18,1905
Johnson,John A.             Nov. 6,1919   Jones,Villeroy H.         Dec. 17,1914
Johnson.John N.             May. 14,1903  Jones, Willet T.          Apr.17,1896
Johnson,Johanna M.          Apr.1,1909    Jordan, E.A.              Apr.22,1915
Johnson, (dauJohn N.)       Mar. II,1909  Jorgensen, lnf.(ParE.M.)  Jan.3,1907
Johnson, Mr                 0ct.3,1912    Jorgensen, Inger Christine June.27,190
Johnson,Mrs Magnus          July.23,1908  Jorgenson.MrsChris        Feb.5,1914
Johnson,Bertha(dauMagnus)   Feb.9,1893    Jorgenson, Lowers(Lewis A. Dec.19,1907
Johnson,John                Sept. 7,1911  Jurgens.lnf Twin(ParDickD. Feb.7,1907
Johnson, Mrs Nancy          July,29,1898  Jurgens Baby Twin "       Feb.21,1907
Johnson, Mrs Nels           Nov. 1915
Johnsmn, Noak Sr.           May,8,1896
Johnson, Noak Jr.           Mar.10,1910                -----K------
Johnson,Paul                Mar.26,1908
Jonnson, (dau.Peter)        Apr. 13,1911  Kadinger,George L         Dec.6,1956
Johnson, Mrs Rebecca        May. 5,1910   Kahl.H.J.                 May 23,1912
Johnson, Willie             Mar.31,1910   Kahl, Peter               Mar. 1 1917
Kalakaua,King of Hawaii     Jan.29,1891   Kerns,BabyCh of W.M.     Mar.5,1903
Kappes,Frank                Oct. 31,1918  Kerns, Burr              Jan.4,1906
Karber, Henry F.            Apr.29,1915   Kerns,Mrs Maggie         Jan,17,1918
Karlman.Carl                June. 29,1916 Kerr.Mrs William 0.      June.30,1910
Keating, Mrs                Mar. 19,1896  Ketcham, Mrs Dorcas      June.9,1904
Keating, Pami               Dec.1,1904    Ketcham,(oldest dau W.M.)Aug.2,1901
Keegan.PAtrick              Aug.29,1907   Kittelson.MRs.see Lulow  Dec.22,1910
Keeler, Cyrus               Mar. 17,1899  Keyes, Miss Eugene       June.18,1897
Keen.Mrs E.L.               Apr. 10,1913  Keyes,Hugh               0ct.22,1914
Keenan,George               June.9,l898   Kiggins.Mrs George       Apr.24,1919
Keenan.Mr (Fath-toS.A.)     Apr.21,1898   Kilmartin,El-ton         Dec.28,1905
Keenan,Mr(Fath MRs S.A.)    Jan.2,1896    Kilmartin.Ren            Dec.26,1907
Keenan,Miss J^lia           Apr.25,1893   King,Old Mr              Feb.6,1902
Keiser, Stewart             May.7,1914    King,Freddie(son Byrom   Jan.4,1894
Keister.Mrs                 Sept.II,1913  King,Robert H.           Jan.l,19l4
Kellar,George               Apr.20,1905   Kinney, James            Dec.19,1907
Kellar,(lnf dau of Geo.)    Apr. 6,1905   Kinney, William          0ct.11,1917
Kelley, Mrs John            July. II,1889 Kinsler.Mrs Rev Albert   Mar.27,1919
Kelley, J.E.                Jan.4,1894    Kinsman, W.D.            Sept.19,1907
Kelley, John W.             Jan.29,1898   Kinyon.Mrs P.D.          Jan.24,1901 .
Kelley, Mrs Frances E.      Mar. 19,1896  Kinyon.Baby of Fred      Feb. 10,1899
Kelley,Dau. Freeman K.      Feb. II,1898  Kinyon,Frank D.          001.18,1956
Kelley, JOhn W.             June. 17,1909 Kinyon,P.D. (UNCLE PARD) Dec.14,1911
Kelley, Mrs Luna L.         Mar. 18,1920  Kinyon,W.B.              0ct.25,1917
Kelley,William              Apr. 13,1911  Kioh, Mrs MArgarel       Sept.26,1907
Kellogg, Howard W.          Dec.15,1910   Kirby, Robert            Nov. 6,1902
Kelly, Boyson ofJohn J.     Aug.4,1893    Kirkeby, Clarence        0ct.17,1918
Kelly, Ignatius             Apr.5,1956    Kirkeby, George          Aug.22,1901
Kelly,Miss MAude            Dec. 14,1911  Kirkeby, Lewis           Apr.8,1920
Kelly, Michael              Sept. 14,1916 Kiser.Miss DAle          Sept. 15,1910
Kelly, Percy                June.12,1919  Killelson.Mrs            Dec.22,1910
Kelner, BAby of R.W.        Apr.1,1915    Kittleson.Mrs            Feb. 12,1920
Kemper,Arthur               Dec.5,1918    Kivdera.T.M.             Dec.24,1914
Kendall.Mrs Harriet A.      JUne. 14,1901  Klampe.Mrs Ed           Feb. 9,1956
Kennealy, BAby(Gr. sonDennie)Apr. 18,1918  Klawhammer, Lewis       May. 6,1915
Kenyon, Mrs Mary A.         Apr.8,1920    Kleppe, J.O.             0ct.10,1918
Kervon.Owen                 June.21,1917  Kloster,Mrs(Mor of A.O.A.)Oct 12,1893
Kerber.lNf REV Kerbwr       Mar.25,1915   Kloster,---- -.          Apr.30,1891
Kernan.John                 0ct.17,1889   Klosler, Mrs Anna        Nov.8,1956
Kerns,Arthur                July 5,orl3,1900  Kloster. Elmer       June.21,1956
          ------K-------                         ----L-------

Kloster.John               Nov.8,1906    Lacey.Mrs Henry            Oct.26,1893
Kloster, Louie J.          June.21,1956  Lackey, Alexander          Nov. II,1920
Klucas,----twin            July.15,1915  LAckey, Lucius             May. 7,1903
Knadle, Mrs                July.26,1956  Lackey, R.M.               Mar. 3,1887
Knadle, Mrs Lidia          Aug.2,1900    LaCount, J.M.              0ct.12,1894
Knadle,(Mor of Mrs Louis)  Sept.1,1910   LACraft, Delmar            Dec.8,1892
Knapp.Dech" William        Apr.27,1911   LACraft, lrma Ruth         Dec. 1,1904
Knapp,William              Apr. 7,1904   LaCraft, Inf.of Osmer      Apr.27,1916
Kneeland, Mrs James        Mar.25,1920   LaCraft, Mrs John          July.4,1901
Kneeland.Mrs L.J.          Aug.4,1904    LaCraft, Dau of John       July 18,190?
Knocke,Joseph              May. 9,1918   LaCraft, Mrs Mary          Jan. 19.189?
Knocke,(Mor of Mrs Henry)  Jan.24,1918   LaCraft, Merton            Mar.25,1898
Knoll,Clement              June,18,1908  LaCraft, Orin A.           Mar. 18,1915
Knoll, (Ch of Herman)      0ct.10,1907   Ladd, Mrs P.J.             June. 3,1898
Knox, A.J.                 Jan. 9,1902   Lahmon, S.A.(Jim)          Apr. 5,1956
Koepp,Charles              July.22,1898  Lally.Mrs Abigail M.       Feb.25,1909
Kolen.Ch of Peter)         Aug. 14,1913  Lamb, Thomas               June.28,1956
Kollen,Louise              Mar. 16,1911  LAMOnt Albert A.           July.23,l89?
KomiS, Frank               Sept.13,1917  LaMont, Mrs Mary           Feb.26,190?
Konsgaard, UCh of Magnus)  Dec.3,1914    Landers, Edward            July. 15,191?
Konsgaard, L.N.            0ct.6,1904    Landers, James             0ct.8,1903
Kossman,Jacob              Sept.4,1902   Lane, Donald               Feb. 18,1909
Krenelka, Mrs Ernest       Aug.II,1887   Lange, George              May. 15,1902
Kretzschmar.lNf Dauof Carl Aug.l,19l8    Lange, Mrs L.A.            May. 17,1956
KroUer,Mrs Peter           Feb.9,1911    Lapham, Mrs Emily C.H.     June.24,191?
Kropp(Fath&Bro Of Mrs Jos) 0ct.22,1908   Lapham, Scott(Son of Charles Feb.l,l894
Krueger.Mrs Minnie         Apr.2,1914    Larison, Emmet M.          Mar.3l Apr7.
Kuhn,Frank                 May. 3,1906   Larson, BAby Ch of Lewis)  Nov. 6,1919
Kuhnert,Walter             Apr. 12,1956  Larson, Mrs Betsy          Apr 24,1919
Kurt,Michael Patrick       Feb. 1,1912   Larson, David              Nov.8,1906
Kurt^Baby                  May.24,1906   Larson, Hat-tie            Nov.24,1904
Kvam,Girl(Par Knute)Age 8  July.13,1894  Larson, James              Nov. 10,1904
Kvam.Boy (" "Age6          July.13,1894  Larson, Twins of H.O.      Sept.25,190?
Kvam.Knute B.              July 13,1894  Larson, Inf of Lars        Sept.26,18?
Kyle,SEN.James H.          July.4,1901   Larson, Ch of L.I.         Apr.28,1910
                                         Larson, Baby Girl          Mar. 3,1910
                                         Larson, Boy Ch of Al       Oct.21,1920
----L----                                Larson, Elsie Irene        Sept.23,192?
Lacey, Henry               0ct.26,1893   Larson, Mrs lnga(Ole)      July. 10,19?
                                         Larson, Lars               Nov.22,1917
                           ----------Page 21.------------

Larson, Ole                June. 20,1907   Lien,Inf.SonHans Jr.    Dec. 14,1893
Larson, Rasmus             Dec. 16,1920    Lien,Mara               May. 31,1906
Lattimore, Gr. Dau.Marguerite Oct.15,1914  Light, Mrs Dr.          Jan. 3,1907
Latimer, Pleasant H.       Oct. 10,1912    Lilja.Dora              May.4,1903
Laughlin,Edmund            June.21,1917    Lindbloom, Age 70)      Feb. 13,1919
Laughlin, Mrs Ed           Feb. 7,1918     Lindbo.Carel A.         July.18,1907
Laughlin, Mor OF Mrs E.G.  Mar. 6,1913     Lindland.G.H.           Sept.23,1909
LAVanway, Dottie           Mar. 31,1904    Lindland, Mrs Ingeborg  May.13,1896
LaVanway, Mrs H.F.         Nov. 6,1919     Lindland, George H.     Apr.3,1956
Lawrence, Mrs Charles      Sept.28,1911    Lindland, Baby Girl(Geo)Apr.17,1902
Leavitt, E.G.              Mar. 31,1898    Linguist,Baby Boy(Son Ed)0ct.8,1908
Leavitt.Mrs Ruth C.        June. 3,1902    Lisby, Orin H.          Jan.3,1905
LeCount, Miss Jessie       Mar.29,1901     Little, Mrs             May.4,1894
Lee,-- son of Ole          Apr. 13,1911    Littlefield, Mrs        Mar. 13,1896
Lee, Frank                 Sept. 11,1913   Livermore, Mrs          Sept.23,1919
Lee, Mrs Mary              Dec. 6,1917     Lloyd, Eli              June. 18,1897
Lee, M.P.                  Apr. 10,1902    Lloyd, Mrs Eli          Jan. II,1900
Lee, Peter                 Mar. 1,1906     Lockhart, Harry         Jan.3,1893
Leekley.Mrs Sarah          Aug. 6,1914     Lockhart, Robert        May. 14,1914
Leeper.Mrs L.L.            Aug.24,1903     Lockhart, Willie(Robert)Jan.3,l893
Leeper, INf Girl(L.L.)     Sept.29,1904    LOhr, Maft              Jan. 9,1919
Lehne.Ben                  Dec. 13,1910    Long,Larry              Sept.23,1920
Lein, Nina                 0ct.4,1906      Long, Inf dau.)L.L.     Aug.13,1903
Leisure,Cicero             July. 17,1896   Longtin, Mrs E.         Jan.10,1918
Lekneld,(lnf dau. of Henry Nov.28,1918     Longton.Mr              Feb.3,1914
Lemieux,Arcade             Jan. 3,1907     Loomis, Arthur          Sept.2,1915
Lemmie, (Ch of A.Lemme)    Aug. II,1887    Loomis, Mrs E,T.        Aug.21,1913
Lenz,Rudolph F.            Sept. 20,1936   Lorenz, Mrs Hannah L.   Dec.20,1917
Leonard,Int.son of John)   May.11,1916     LOve, Boy               Feb.22,1912
Leonard, Mrs Nelson        June.29,1911    Love, George 1.         Dec.28,1956
Lewis,Virgil Lee           Apr. 30,1903    Love, Lennie            May. 23,1889
Lewis, Mrs Sarah           0ct.13,1910     Love, Mrs Lydia         Sept. 17,1908
Lewis,Mrs W.M.             Feb.28,1918     Lower,Guy D.            June.28,1956
Libby, Stephen R.          May. II,1903    Luckhurst, Mrs A.       0ct.19,1916
Lien, Andrew               Mar. 7,1907     Luckhurst, Inf son(Bert)Aug.6,1908
iyien, Clarenca            Apr.20,1911     Luckhurst, Roy          0ct.31,1918
Lien, Lars P.              Mar.26,1914     Luke, Ida M.            Mar. 31,1910
Lien, Mrs Hans             0ct.7,1886      Lundberg, Ch. of A.     Sept.17,1908
Lien, Mrs Maria            July. 28,1910
    --L---------                        --------M-------                                                                 
Lusk, Ethel Mae              July. 15,1909  Martin, Joseph B.        Feb.14,1907
Lusk,William                 Feb.26,1920    Martin, Inf girl of H.L. Mar.2,1911
Lynch, Patrick               May.9,1907     Martin,Mr                Mar.10,1904
Lyon,Clifford A.             Sept. 17,1896  Martin, PAtrick          Apr.22,1909
Lyon, Mary Ellen             0ct.1,1896     Martin, William E.       Jan.21,1892
Lyon, Louis S.               June.7,1895    Marxmann.Mrs C.H.        May.28,1914
                                            Mason, Truman A.         Mar.24,1910
                                            Massey, J.T.             Aug.5,1915
—--M----                                    Mather, Mrs E.A.         May.29,1913
Mack, Charles                May.21,1903    Mathewson.Hugh M.        May.22,1902
Mack,Mrs Lucretia            Mar. 9,1900    Mathewson, J.M.          Feb.7,1901
Mack, Eugene C.              Feb.22,1917    Mathiesen, H.O.          Feb. 19,1920
Mackey, Mrs William L.       July.11,1912   Mathiesen, Mrs Magnus    Dec.19,1918
Mahan, John                  Apr. 6,1911    Mathis.Mrs Grace         Sept.20,195
Magnar, Miss May Rosalie     Nov. 1,1956    Matson, Andrew           Jan.23,1908
Makens, Mrs Margaret         Feb.16,1956    Matson, Mrs Ellen        Apr.1,1920
Malcom,Marvel                Feb. 6,1919    Mattice, Mrs             Feb.5,1903
Malone, John                 Feb.26,1920    Mattice,Alston           May.1,1902
Maltby, Joseph               Mar.2,1900     Mattice, Mrs A.F.        Feb.18,1904
Maitby, Thomas Sr.           July.10,1902   Maxwell, Mrs             Apr.8,1920
Maitby, Mrs Matilda          Feb.2,1911     Meade, Mrs Waity E.      June,12,191
Maitby, Baby (R.H.)          Sept. 6,1901   Mealy, Mrs William       Dec.21,1905
MAItby, Baby Boy(Geo)        Sept.14,1900   Meek, Lloyd Elvin        0ct.24,1918
Maitby,Babyboy(G.A.          July 23,1908   Mehiberg, Miss Bertha    Feb.22,1912
Maitby, Child (J.A.)         Mar.26,1908    Mehiberg, Mrs Henry      May.22,1913
Maitby, Mrs Irene            Mar.9,1900     Melham, John C.          DEc.2,1915
Manaige, Inf ch of (EDWIN)   Aug.25,1887    Mellette, Ex Govenor)    May 29,1896
Mankey, Mary                 Sept.2,1909    Meltzer, George D.       Aug.28,1913
Mankey, Thomas Sr.           Feb.24,1899    Merbach, George C.       Feb.25,1909
Mann,Mrs                     July. 7,1904   Mercer, Baby(A.L.)       May. 4,1905
Mann, Glenn Ellis            Sept.26,1918   Meredith, C.G.           Jan.16,1902
Manning, Mrs                 Sept.9,1915    Merry, A.                Mar.27,1913
Manning, James               Mar.25,1915    Merry, Mrs Lydia         July.6,1911
Manville, Mrs JAne           Aug.23,1895    Metz, L.                 Mar.13,1919
Markham, Ralph J.            Jan.25,1906    Meyers,Charles A.        Mar.2,1916
Markley. Mrs                 Dec.17,1908    Meyers, James A.         Feb.20,1913
Marrin, Peter                June.16,1898   Michael, Mr              June.9,1904
Marshall, Baby               July.3,1902    Michael. Baby Bo)        Apr23,1903
Martin, Mrs Imperial         Dec.24,1914    Michaelson.Boy           May.II,1893
MikcLison, Mrs Jessie E.   Jan. 6,1910
Mikalson, Eunice           May. 13,1909  Moen. HAns                Nov.16,1916
Mikkelson, Berg            Dec. 3,1897   Moen, Son of H.B.         Dec.22,1910
Miles.,Ashbel July27&CCC   Aug3,1911     Moffatt.Mrs John          June.16,190
Miles, Ralph               Feb. 9,1911   Moller, Child of J.W.     June.23,191
Milestone, Mary            June,8,1911   Mooney, Elizabeth         June.28,190
Milestone, Little child    Feb. 9,1894   Mooney,Mrs Elizabeth      Jan.30,1902
Miller, Alfred             Feb.2,1911    Moore, George             Mar.23,1900
Miller, Ch of Henry        July. 10,1902  Moore, Girl of Maxford   Apr.29,1909
Miller, Girl(dau of J.J.)  Apr.5,1900     Moore, Harriet           0ct.10,1912
Miller, Benjamin F.        Apr.24,1919   Moore, Harvey             Sept.2,1886
Miller, Mrs C.H.           Feb.2,1956    Moore,Mrs                 Jan.28,1909
Miller. Mrs Elbert         Dec.14,1911   Moore,Mrs Estella         June.18,190
Miller, Mrs Elmer E.       Feb.12,1914   Moore,Louella             Feb.18,1909
Miller,Evi THaxter         July.7,1899   Moore, Mrs M.E.           Sept. 7,1911
Miller, Henry Sr           0ct.16,1902   Moore,Wellington K.       June. 15,191
Miller, Howard             0ct.30,1902'  Moore, William P.         Nov. 17,1899
Miller, Jbe                Aug.18,1892   Morey, Mrs Julia A.       Sept.9,1920 .
Mller, Mrs Johanna         Apr.22,1909   Morey, Ray                Apr.23,1912
Miller,Mrs                 June.1,1905   Morey,Baby of A.J.        Feb.8,1912
Miller, Girl of L.D.       May. 5,1904   Morgan, Babyboy of Fred   June.15,190?
Miller, Child of Peter     Sept.23,1909  Morris, Enoch             May.19,1887
Miller, Phillip            0ct.18,1956   Morris, Frank             Aug.10,1911
Miller, RAy F.             Mat.12,1904   Morris, John              0ct.5,1905
Miller, Robert H.          Nov.14,1918   Morris, Boy of John T.    May.27,1909
Millman, Mrs               May.14,1914   Morris, Henry             Mar.28,1907
Mills, Robert B.           Dec.6,1917    Morris, Mrs MArtha        Sept.4,1919
Mills, Thomas              Mar.2,1905    Morrison,George W.        Feb.4,1915
Milton, Mrs S.B.           Jan.3,1907    Morrison,Andy             0ct.14,1915
Miner, Will                Aug.21,1896   Morrison,Girl of George   Jan,17,1895
Minor, J.B. "Cap"          Feb.5,1920    Morrison, Lee A.          May. 13,1920
Minor, Julius Earl         Apr.3,1919    Morser, John              July. 22,l898
Mitchell, Bartley          June.21,1956  Mourere, Joseph           Dec.28,1905
Mitchell,Margaret          Dec.17,1896   Mudge, Mrs Eliza          June.II,190'
Mitchell, James            Feb. 14,1895  Mudge, Miss Jennie        June.17,189'
Mitchell, Margaret         June.21,1956  Mudge, William A.         Jan. 9,1908
Mitchell, Mary Jane        Mar.26,1896   Muehieisen, Inf son John  Dec. 6,1906
Mitchell. Mrs Sarah E.     June.26,1919  Mullarky Mrs C.H.          Aug.15.1889
Mitchell, Tom              Feb.12,1903   Multhauf, Mrs John        Feb.8,1906
Moe, Dora (Dau GUs)        Apr.27.1911   Mundhenke, Mrs Anna^n     June.28,1956
Moen. Hans
                              --------Page 24.---------
Munroe, CH Of S.U.          Sept. 17,1908  McClelland, Girl of Claude Feb.26,1914
Munson, Mrs Ben             May.8,1919     McClelland,Mrs Charles     Apr.23,1908
Munson, Leslie              July.9,1908    McClelland, Mrs            May.28,1907
Munson, Mrs Martin          Dec.26,1901    McClelland,                Jan.21,1892
Munson, Mrs Wilbur          Sept. 14,1905  McClelland, Carroll(A.D.)  0ct.13,1897
Munson, Twins               Mar.11,1915    McClelland, Mrs Julia      JAn.9,1908
Munson, Mr                  Dec.23,1886    McCorkindale, John         Jan.27,1899
Murdick, Paul               Apr.7,1898     McClelland,R.C.            Apr. 6,1893
Murphy, Mrs John            Feb. 13,1908   McCorkindale,Mrs M ry J.   July.31,1902
Murphy, Anna                Mar.17,1904    McCormick.Mrs James        0ct.6,1899
Murphy, Danny               Aug.2,1901     McCormick.Mrs Ida M.       Aug.3,1900
Murphy, Edward              Apr. 9,1897    McCoy,Ger1ie(lnf of M.)    0ct.13,1887
Murray,Mr                   June. 19,1902  McDonald.Baby Girl of R.D. July.28,1887,
Murray, Mrs                 0ct.19,1893    McDonald,(3 Children)   Mar. 5&12,189?
Murrey, Twin Girls(Geo)     Aug.II,1910    McDonald,Charles .      Nov.27,1902
Mulchler, Mrs William       Mar.20,1902    McDonald.Mrs            Sept.1,1910
Myers, Ch of John           July.27,1911   McDonald.J.B.           May.15,1913
Myers, T.J.                 Feb.26,1903    MacDonald, James Curlis Mar. 15,1956
                                           McDonald.Mrs Laura Ann July. 6,1911
----M-----                                 McDurmill.Foye         July.5,1906
MacGill, Mrs Dr.            Sept. 30,1909  MCEImury,(Dau of A.A.  Aug.l5&23,l8?
McAllisler, Frank           001.16,1902    McEown.Mr              July.15,1915
McAllisler, Mrs Solomon     Feb.15,1900    McEown,Edmund          Jan.15,1920
McAlpine,James              Jan.21,1898    McEown,Mrs             Aug.20,1903
McAlpine,James Thomas       Sept.4,1902    McEown,Mrs             0ct.27,1910
McAlpine,William            Aug. 5,1915    McEown,Junius          Sept.6,1901
McArthur,Charles A.         May. 15,1902   McEown,Baby Girl Of Louis Sept.II,1902
McArthur, Mrs Charlotte     Mar.11,1909    McEown, Ross           0ct.7,1898
McAttee,David Frank         Nov.29,1956    McEown, Baby Girl of Edwin  Mar.16,1900
McBride, Mr                 Jan,7,1904     McEown,Kenneth Eyvel   Dec. 13,1888
MoBride,Cecil               MAr.9,1905     McGaan, James          Apr.25,1918
McBrier.Anna                0ct.22,1891    McGaan,Mrs             0ct.5,1893
McBrier,Samuel              0ct.12,1893    McGaan, William(d.25yrs ago) Mar. 15,1956
McBrier.T.H.                July.21,1904   McGinness,George       Apr.5,1917
MoGarty, Fhillip            Mar.II,1915    McKay.Mrs              Apr.12,1900
McCarty.lnf Of t.           Aug.25,1904    McKay,Robert           July.19,1956
McCauley.Mor of Mrs         Mar.19,1908    McKenzie, Boy of Alex. July,7,1910
McCleese, E.E.              Aug.17,1900    McKinley.Mrs           Dec.17,1897
McClelland,Alfred D.        0ct.20,1910    McKinney, Mr           Feb.15,1901
                              ----------Page 25.--------
     ------M-----------                     ------N-----------                                                                   

McLain,Mr                 May. 24,1917     Nelson, Brothers(2)     May. 19,1904
McLain,Mrs Mae            July. 14,1910    Nelson, CArl N.         May. 3,1906
MCLain.Miss May           May. 8,1902      Nelson, Guy(son JOHn)   0ct.4,1906
MoLain, William           July. 17,1913    Nelson,Baby Girl(Rev.J.A.Feb.8,1901
McLaren, Elizabeth        July.2,1908      Nelson, Nels            Jun.21,1956
McLaren, John W.          Nov.4,1897       Nelson, Nels            Jan.21,1898
McLaren, Peter            Jan. 1,1914      Nelson,Nels 0.          Mar.28,1907
McLaughlin,Dennis         July. 30,1896    Nelson, Peter I.        Feb.11,1892
MCLaughlin, Inf OfDennis  Mar.26,1891      Ness, Andrew            Jul.8,1920
McLaughkin,Child of Dennis Jun. 15,1893    Ness, Girl(Andrew)      Jan. 1,1912
McNelly, Mrs H.C.         Jun.23,1910      Ness, Baby Girl (Harry K.Jun.II. 1896
McNelly, Boy of H.C.      Sept.1,1887      Ness,Mavis (Gilbert)    Feb. 7,1918
McPeek, Mrs Nancy         Apr. 7,1892      Nessen, Edna Irene      May. 3,1906
McQuaker.Mrs              Jun. 30,1898     Neunsinger, Mrs Grace   May. 24,1956
McQuaker,James            Jan. II,1900     Ncwby, Baby Boy(Warren)  Feb. 3,1887
McQueen, Mrs Elizabeth    Feb. 18,1897     Newstrom, Warner        Nov. 10,1910
McRhoden, Mrs             Nov.2,1905       Newstrom, Baby(Warner)  Jun. 21,1906
McShane.Mrs Sarah         Oct. 3,1901      Nichol, Mrs             Sept.l4,191
McSpadden, W.G.           Dec. 15,1899     Niebling, Joseph        Feb.22,1917
McTighe.Mrs Mary          Feb. II,1909     Nilson, Son ofRev.      Feb.7,1901
McTighe, Thomas           Jul. 20,1900     Noble, Mrs Margaret     0ct.22&3rd 18
                                           Noakson.Aaron           May. 7,1896
                                           Naakson,Andrew          May.2,1918
-----N-----                                Nommensen.Adolph H.     Sept.20,1900
Nafus, Alfred             Aug. 07,1920     Nommensen, Reinhardt    May. 15,1902
Nafus,lnf(Dau of Albert)  Jan.30,1908      Nopp, John Peter        Apr.21,1887
Naramore.Emma Sophia      May.12,1910      Nordhouse.Miss Mable C. Aug. 9,1917
Naramore.M.J.             Jul.29,1898      Nordhouse, Oscar P.     Apr.20,1911
Nash, Spencer J.          Feb. 9,1956      Northrop, Mrs A.B.      Dec. 17,1891
Nash.N.P.                 Jan.28,1904      Northrop, A.B.          Jan. 16,1919
Nass.Mrs Ole              May,28,1903      Norton, Baby Girl (E.L.)Jun.2,l887
Neirmyer, Boy(Clarence)   Feb. II,1915     Nunn, Jesse             Dec. 30,1886
Neil, Leroy R.            Jul. 31,1913     Nuttbrock, Ch(Dick)     Apr. 18,1907
Neilson, Mrs Ruth         Apr. 8,1920      Nygaard, Andrew         Feb. 9,1956
Nelson, Girl (Arthur)     Nov. 2,1916
Nelson, Child(Ben Ole)    Mar. 30,1916
Nelson, Mrs Enger         Jul.28,1910      Obermier, Child,(Henry) Aug.27, 1896       
Nelson,Boy                Sept. 17,1903    O'Brien, Mrs            Apr.9,1908
Nelson, Bert M.           Feb. 14,1907
                              --------Page  26.-------
O'Brien,Christopher         Jan. 31,1918  Olson, Levi               Nov.25,1909
O'"rien, Mrs Lena           Mar. 19,1908  Olson, Mrs Mildred        Mar.22,1956
O'Brien, Ch.twin(chris)     0ct.24,1901   Olverson, Caroline        0ct.26,1907
O'Brien, Twin(Chris)        Nov.28,1901   Olverson, William Jr      May.9,1889
O'Brien,M.T.                Jan. 12,1911  Omer, Arthur              May.9,1918
O'Brien,                    Jul. 14,1910  O'Neal, Mrs Anna          Jul. 19,1956
0'Connor, Thomas            Mar.23,1900   O'Niel, Miss Helen        Dec. 14,1911
O'Connell, Mrs Thomas       Jan. 5,1905   Opsahl.John               Sept.26,1913
OdIand.Mrs Bertha 0.        Jun. 22,1916  Opsal, Oliver B.          Jan. 31,1918
Odland, Ch Be.              Mar. 29,1901  Orwig.Mr                  Jul.2,1903
Odland, Mrs Clara 0.        0ct.8,1908    Osborne, Mrs Harry        Jan.9,1919
Odland, Boy (Rev.)          Mar. 13,1902  Ostroot, Mrs G.G.         Jun.6,l9l8
Odland,(Mor ofMrs Rev.)     0ct.6,1899    Otte.Mr                   Jul.23,1914
Ohlsen,Harvey               Jul. 19,1856  Otter, Mr                 Mar. 30,1893
Ohnstead, L.K.              Feb. 13,1919  Otter, Joseph             Jan.28,1909
Oker.Mrs W.                 Jun. 30,1910  Otter, Mrs Ida            Apr.27,1916
Oldberg.Carl                Jul. 13,1911  Otter, Joseph Jr.         Apr.28,1892
Oldfield, George, W.        Jun. 1,1893   Otter, Mrs Minnie         Feb.19,1897
0ldfield, Mrs Ada           Aug. 13,1914  Otto, Harry               0ct.20,1910
Oldfield, Mrs Ferry         Feb. 18,1915  Oulman, Lucius A.         Jun.30,1892
O'Leary.Mrs J.C.            Dec. 30,1915  Overdick, Bertha          Jan.26,1911
Oleson, Mrs Mildred         Mar. 15,1936
Oliverson, Mrs Knute        May.2,1912    ------P-.--.--.
Olmstead, Mr                May. II,1916  Page,H.H.                 Aug.4,1904
Olmstead, Inf. Lars         Mar. 10,1904  Page, Mrs EArl            Dec. 13,1956
Olmstead, Mr                0ct.31,1901   Palmer, Wrs Bessie        Aug. 12,1898
Olson,August                May.9,1907    Palmer,Mrs Charles        Aug.25,1898
Olson, Ch(Nels 0.)          Jan. 19,1905  Palmer,Mrs Charles R.     Sept.7,1911
Olson, age 80               Mar. 3,1910   Palmer, Clinton           Jun.4,1896
Olson, Ch of Otto           Jan.9,1896    Palmer, Mrs Cornelia(E.N.)Sept.7,1911
Olson,Boy Son Otto          Apr.29,1909   Palmer, E.N.              Sept.10,1914
Olson, Mr                   Sept. 30,1898  Palmer, Edna             Apr. 10,1896
Olson,Ch (Morgan)           Apr.18,1889   Palmer, Franklin          Apr.28,1892
Olson, Carl sonof Jonas     May.13,1909   Palmer,Mrs Lavina         Jun. II,1914
Olson, Elsie(DauAlfred)     Sept.23,1920  Pankonin, Morion Gay      Sept.23,1920
Olson,MrS Eva               Apr.15,1898   Parker, Mrs Lydia         0ct.16,1913
Olson, George(Son Thomas)   Jul.16,1908   Parker, Little Boy ofJohn Mar. 6,1919
Olson, John T.              Mar.25,1909   Parker, w.W.              Feb. 15,1900
Olson, Jonas                Mar. 8,1917   Parmeley.Mr               reb.lJ,19U^
Olson, Mrs Stina Jonas .    Feb. 14,1907
                            -------Page  27.-----------  

Parmenter,Edward A.        Dec. 19,1912   Perry, Earle H.          Feb. 9,1956
Parmenter. Mrs Elizabeth J. Sept .13,1917 Peters, Charles E.       Dec.4,1919
Parmenter, E.G.            Jan. 10,1901   Peters, Mrs Magdelena    0ct.17,1918
Parrot, Charles Sr.        Dec. 7,1900    Peters, Son of Fred      0ct.6,1910
Parrot, Mrs Catherine      Dec. 1,1910    Peters,Mrs Minnie        Sept.27,1956
Parrot, Inf Son of John    Sept.28,1893   Peters,Boy Of Fred       Apr.21,1898
Parrot, Baby Ch of Charles Jr Jun.10,1898 Peters, Mrs Theodosia    Mar. 26,1908
Parrot, Mrs.               Dec. 8,1892    Peterson, Andew B.       Feb.20,1919
Parrot, James A.           Dec. 1,1899    Peterson, Anna Kristine  Aug. 16,1906
Parrot, Miss Katie         Jan. 10,1901   Peterson.Mrs Anna(Borre)  Jan. 9,1908
Parrot, Mrs J.H.           Aug. 3.1905    Peterson, HOward(Son eie)Aug. 16,1906
Parrot,Leon                Nov. 14.1889   Peterson, Mr             Jul. 27,1900
Parrott, Mrs Ralph L.      Feb.21,1918    Peterson.Mrs Emma        Nov. 12,1897
Parsloe, James             Mar. 26.1908   Peterson, Mrs            Jan. 12,1856
Parsloe, Mrs James         Jan. 22.1897   Peterson, Borre          Apr.28,1910
Parsone.Mrs George         Sept.22.1904   Peterson, Carl           Aug.25,1892
Patch, Mrs Leslie          Apr. 28,1887   Peterson, Carl Adolph    Mar. 15,1956
Patrick, Boy(Son of '.ill)  Jul. 30,1903  Peterson, Mrs Charles    May. II,1911
Patterson, Mr               May. 31,1906  Peterson, Mr             May 11,1911
Patterson.J.S.             Dec. 6,1906    Peterson, Mr             Apr.27,1911
Patterson, Myren J.        Jan.23,1913    Peterson, Gladys Nay     Jun. 28,1917
Pattison, Miss Sadie       Feb.1,1906     Peterson, Clarence M.    Sept. 6,1956
Pearson.Knute Albert       Sept.20,1956   Peterson, Erick          Jan.28,1904
Pearson, ?rs Pearl         Jan. 9,1919    Peterson, Mrs Hannah     Mar. 14,1907
Peck, Glen H               Dec. 3,1914    Peterson, Harry          Jul. II,1901
Peck, Editor W.A.          Jan. 9,1902    Peterson, Howaed LeRoy   Jul.22,1920
Peck, Inf son of Fred      Mar. 28,1895   Peterson, John           0ct.25.1956
Peck, Mrs Lucinda          Sept. 27,1956  Peterson, John C.        Nov.22,1956
Peck, W.C.                 0ct.14,1915    Peterson, Johnny         Jul,28,1899
Pederson, Fath of Mrs K)   Jun. 6,1918    Peterson, Laura          0ct.15,1903
Pederson, Boy(Son of Lras)  Dec. 15,1904  Peterson, Mrs Marie      Jan.2,1919
Pepper, (Mor of Mrs J.G,   Jan. 13,1899   Peterson, Martin         0ct.1,1903
Pepper, June G.            Mar.l,k894     Peterson, Otto           Dec. 12,1895
Pereboom, Russell          Jan. 9,1919    Peterson. Otto F.        Sept. 30,1920
Perkins, Erastus L.        Aug. 15,1912   Peterson, Girlof S.      0ct.1,1908
Perkins, Boy Son of E.L.   0ct.29,1891    Peterson, Ruth age2      0ct.30,1913
Perkins, Boy " " "         Nov. 5,1891    Peterson, WilhelminaMrs  Aug. 19,1915
Perkins. Harold-Ivor"      Jun. 18,1903   Pettit, Inf of Walter    Apr.26,1900
Perkins, Mrs Juliann M.    Mar. 14,1912   Pettit, Child            Apr. 14,1892

Pettit, Oldest son James     Nov. 26,1903  Ponton, Flavis            Sept.26,1907
Pettit. Claude               Apr. 12,1936  Potter, Mrs Bertha        May. 1,1913
Pettit, Mrs Walter           May.26,1904   Pratt, Ch of Floyd        Mar.26,1908
Pfaffle, Mrd Ed              Dec. 25,1919  Preston, Miss Lola        Mar. 7,1912
Pfaffle, Mrs Sophia          Dec. 14,1911  Preuss, Baby of ED        Jul.20,1916
Pfeiffer, Jacob              Dec. 19,1918  Price, Jacob              0ct.8,1908
Pickles, John                Dec.21,1911   Promhouse, H.M.           Jan. 31,1907
Pierce, William              Feb. 1,1894   Promhouse, Girl Of Hans   Sept.27.1894
Phelps, H.L.                 Jun.20,1895   Protexter, Richard Scott  Apr. 19,1956
Phelps, Mrs Julia Ann        Mar. 5,1903   Provan, Mrs William       Dec. 16,1898
Phelps, Mrs Charles          Apr. 19,1906  Pruyn, Fred S.            May. 18,1916
Phillips, Child              Mar. 7,1889   Purdie, Mr                Jun.4,1903
Phillips, Mrs Alta Mina      Dec.20,1956   Pursel, Uncle John        0ct.21,1909
Phillips, Ernest             Mar. 7,1912   Purdel, Samuel R.         Jan,16,1913
Phillips,Hubert              Aug.23,1956   Pye, John                 Aug.27,1897
Phillips, Joseph             Feb. 24,1916  Pye, Hon.John L.          Feb.27,1902
Phillips, Mrs Louise         Dec. 12,1918
Phipps, Nellie               Nov. 24,1910
Phipps, Son of Charles       Aug. 30,1901     ------Q-------.
Pickles,Inf of C.E.          Jul. 14,1910  
Pickles, Mrd Ann Jane        Feb. 18,1898  Quardi,George J.          0ct.1,1908
Pickles, William             Sept.16,1915  Quigley, Mrs Agnes        Dec. 18,1919
Pierce, Mrs S.W.             Mar. 23,1900  Quigipy, John             Aug. 12,1920
Pierrel, J.A.                Nov. 14,1918  Quigley, (Sister)         Dec. 30,1909
Pipher, Mrs Mary             Mar. 24,1898  ^^^^^^ ^                  Nov. 3,1904
Plagens, Son                 Mar. 16,1905  Quinn, inf son of D. J.   Jun. 21,1894
Plamoudou, Mrs Maggie        Nov.27,1913   Quinn, Baby Boy of D.J.   Nov. 30,1900
Platt, Daniel                Aug. II,1892  Quinn, Boy Son of D.J.    Mar. 3,1892
Platt,James Nelson           Apr. 12,1906  Quinn, Walter L.          Feb. 12,1920
Platt, Eldest dau. J.N.      Jul. 7,1893
Platt, Mrs Katherine A.      Jul. 5,1956       -----R.-----
Pomeroy, BoySon of Shepherd  Dec. 19,1907
Pomeroy, David H.            Sept.17,1914  Ralya, Girl Of Fred      Apr.21,1887
Pommer, John                 Aug.27,1914   Ramsey, Allan             Jun.18,1914
Pompey, Child                Dec.8,1904    Ramsey, Fath of Dr.       Apr. 18,1912
Ponschke, Julius B.          Apr. 1,1920   pandall, Linus            Sept.4,1896
Ponto, Inf of Peter          Aug.13,1891   Randall, Mrs Ann E.       Jan. 2,1896
Ponton,Ambrose               May.4,1905    Rapelje, Will J.          Jul.2,1908
Ponton,Mrs Devina            Aug.31,1911   Rarick, Mrs Frank         Aug. 6,1897
                              ---------Page 29. ------------

Rarick, Edward Family      0ct.29,1896     Ress,Frederick          Apr.15.1915
Rash, Mrs E.E.             Nov. II,1920    Reynolds, Charles       Aug.27,1896
Rasmussen, Esther          Apr. 17,1913    Reynolds, Charles Sr.   Apr.14,1899
Rasmussen, Mrs Hans        Dec. 29,1892    Reynolds, George        Jan.16,1913
Rasmussen,Baby Boy(F.O.)   Sept.24,1903    Reynolds, Lester F.     Sept.20,1956
Rasmussen, Dau.Of M.L.     Sept.29.1910    Reynolds, Mrs Susan     Nov.22,1917
Rasmussen, Ole             Sept. 17.1908   Rhinehart.MartinInf Of  Wm. Oct.29,190?
Rasmussen, Ole             Jul. 13,1909    Rhodes, Cecil           0ct.31,1907
Rasmussen, Mrs Oscar       Apr. 3,1919     Rhodes, Chester F.      0ct.20,1910
Ratliff, Daniel Carlos     Dec. 5,1918     Rhodes, Son of H.E.     Nov. 3,1910
Ratliff, Frank             Dec.3,1918      Rhoads, Girl(T.F.)      Jul.22,1898
Ratliff, Mrs James         Mar. 20,1913    Rhymers, Mrs S.L.       0ct.1,1896
Rattinger, Mrs Christine   Jan. 30,1919    Rice, Oscar             Sept.l2,191
Rawlins, Mrs Frank         Feb.4,1892      Rice, Stanley           Dec. 8,1892
Ray, M.                    Feb.12,1920     Rich, Mrs Byron         Jun. 26,1902
Raymond, Elijah            Mar. 13,1894    Richards, Robert J.     Dec. 12,1912
Raymond, James M.          Dec. 9,1915     Richards, Inf Of Robert  Feb. 16,1911
Raymond, William A.        Nov. 18,1897    Richardson, Calhryn     Sept.12,191
Rea, Frank between         Septl4-28 1903  Richardson, George      May.8,1913
Rea, James                 Aug. 9,1917     Richardson, Mrs Nellie  Nov.28,1907
Reauso, Dr.                Jan. 14,1904    Richmond, George C.     Apr. 3,1917
Redford, Morris W.         Jul. II,1901    Riley, Dau.Will         Mar.23,1920
Redford, Inf son Of Frank  Jan.24,1901     Riley, Georgiana(Roy)   Dec.29,1910
Redman, hild               Jan. 14,1904    Rinerson, Bennell       Jul.13,1909
Redmond, A.M.              Jun.10,1913     Ringholm, John          Mar.21,1918
Redmond, Girl(James)       Jan. 14,1904    Ripley, Irene           Aug.27,1903
Redmond, Mrs               Jan. II,1917    Rilchie, Mr A.W.        Jul. II,1901
Reed, Mrs Charles          Apr. 24,1919    Ritchie, Mrs Rachel     Feb.21,1918
Reed, Jacob(lnf of Jack)   Nov.23,1911     Ritchie, William H.     May. 30,1918
Reed, Margaret E(Dau Joseph)Apr.4,1907     Roach, Dau. Dan         Dec. II,1919
Reed, Twin                 Aug. 6,1908     Robbins, Mrs A.H.       May.8,1913
Reed,W.M.                  Sept. 18,1902   Robbins, Child of Rev.  Nov. 12,1963
Regnier, Mrs A.            May. 13,1897    Robel, Dorothy Itene    0ct.12,1916
Regnier, George Jr.        Jul. 24,1919    Roberdeau, Baby(Fred)   Jan.4,1917
Reierson, Mrs Gurine       Apr.23,1918     Roberdeau, Girl (Sam)   Jun.21,1894
Reiter, Verlyn L.Son Joe   Apr. 10,1919    Roberdeau, Child(Sam)   May.24,1894
Remmers.Mr                 Mar. 9,1911     Roberdeau,Boy of FRed   Sept.23,191
Resick, Miss Anna          May.4,1903      Roberdeau, Child Of SAm  May.24,1894
                            ---------Page 30.---------

Roberdeau, Katherinc      Aug.1,1918   Russell, Roswell(Phillip)  May. 3,1906
Roberdeau, Miss Mary      Jan. 9.1919  Rutherford,Franklin        Dec. 18,1919
Roberts, Mrs F.D.         Dec. 3,1914  Rutherford,Mr              Jan. 26,1911
Roberts, Mrs              Sept. 7.1900 Rutledge, Caylord C.       Feb.25,1915
Robinson, Mrs Doane       Jan.30,1902  Rutter,Earl                Dec.13.1956
Robinson, Baby BOy of D.B. Apr. 19.1917 Ryan, Mrs Con             Jun. 19,1896
Robinson, L.H.            0ct.19.1905  Ryan, Dennis D. (Dane)     Jan.29.1898
Robinson, Mrs Rebecca S.  Apr.28,1899  Ryan Hon.Mike C.           Apr. 10,1902
Rogers, A..V.             May. 13,1898 Ryckman, Esther Ann        May. 27,1909
Rogers, Mrs               0ct.22,1914
Rogers, William M.        Mar. 21,1895  -------S------
Roham, Baby Boy(Howard)   Mar.14,1918
Rohn, Henry               Jun-2,1904    Saatvedt, Son Of J.A.     Sept. 1,1901
Rohn, Mrs Ida             Dec.29,1904   Sabin.Hiram H.            Dec. 15,1898
Rohrbach, Raymond         Mar.27,1919   Sabin, James B.           Feb.22,1895
Rohrbach, Son OF J.G.     Aug.25,1910   Sabin, Mr                 Mar. 16,1893
Rohrer, Mrs Einora        0ct.31,1918   Saboe, Child of John T.   May. 9,1907
Rommer, Miss Jennie       Aug. 14,1896  Saboe,Mr                  Feb. 18,1897
Ronning, (Mr ?)           Feb.4,1904    Saboe, John K.            Jun. 17,1915
Root, J.Jr.               Dec. 22,1904  Saboe, Mrs J.K.           Dec. 23,1886
Rose, Mr                  May. 28,1891  Saboe, Child of John T.   Jan.30,1908
Rose, Mis                 Mar.29,1894   Saboe,Child ofR.K.        Apr.26,1901
Rose, Miss Georgeanna     Sept. 10,1903 Saboe, Inf Son of J.C.    Apr.25,1895
Rosengren, Mrs M.         Dec. 7,1916   Saboe, Chester            Feb.28,1918
Rosengren.Mrs             Aug.23,1956   Sackariason, Denny        Feb.7,1907
Rosseau, Dr.              Jan. 21,1904  Sackariason, Inf o^ Ole   Jul.5.1906
Rossman, Fath of Mrs      Jun. 1,1911   Salmon, Henry             Mar.14,1907
Rosten, A.                Jun.4,1914    Sanderson, Robert         Aug. 10,1900
Rounds, Mrs Will          Jun.29,1905   Sanderson, Robert         Dec.14,1900
Roy, Miss                 Sept.29,1887  Sandles, Mrs Josie        Jun.20,1918
Ruddy, Mot of Mrs AC.     Sept.10,1914  Sasse, Mrs Caroline       May.24,1956
Rumsey, Mr                Aug.27,1903   Sasse, Mrs                Apr. 5,18956
Rumsey, Frank             0ct.29,1914   Sasse,Mrs G.              Jul. 13,1916
Russell, Mrs Ada          Jan. 30,1913  Sasse,William F.          Aug. 3,1893
Russell, Mrs A.H's Mor.   Sept.28,1905  Saur,Andrew               Jun. 15,1900
Russell, Andrew H.        Aug. 5,1915   Sauer.Casper              Mar. 16,1911
Russell, Inf Of Frank     Sept. 2,1886  Sayers, Claude            Jun.21,1906
Russell, Inf. Of George   0ct.6,1904    Scallin, Mrs John         Jan.23,1919
Russell, Son of Augustus  Aug. 6,1891   Scanlon, Hugh             0ct.17,1918
                                -------Page 31.-------
Scanlon, Baby Girl of Hugh  Jan. 14,1915   Schultz,Mrs MAry       Sept.20,1956
Scanlon, Max son of Hugh    Aug. 10,1916   Schuiz, Mor of Mrs W.G. Mar.5,1914
Scanlon, Mrs P.F.           Nov. 12,1914   Schurers, Mrs Luella   Dec.20,1956
Scarborough,Son H.G.        Sept.29,1910   Schwab, Mr A.D.        Jul. 10,1896
Schaaf, Mrs Louise          Aug. 6,1914    Schweiger, Mother      Mar. 6,1902
Schaffer, Mrs               Jun.27,1918    Scidmore, Mrs          Jun. 11,1908
Schaller, Jos               Mar. 10,1898   Scofield, Alanson C.   Sept.22,1904
Schakler, Mr Sr.            Jul.30,1914    Scofield, Mrs L.S.     Jan.28,1904
Schanbeck, Mrs Bertha       Mar. 8,1956    Scofield,Mrs Mabel     Jun. 23,1910
Scheopp.Mr                  Jul. 3,1919    Scofield, Mrs Rebecca  Sept. 19,1918
Scheopp, Mrs Ferdinand      Aug. 22,1895   Scofield, Mrs S.L.     Jan.28,1904
Scheopp, Robert             Dec. 7,1911    Scott, Mrs             Jan. 21,1915
Schladweiler, Mrs Joe       Feb. 9,1956    Scott, Mrs (Old)       Feb/14,1901
Schlagel, John              May. 20,1915   Scott, Mrs Christina   Aug. 12,1909
Schleicher, Jacob           Jul. 6,1911    Scott, Mrs Clara       Feb. 19,1920
Schmidt, Albert             0ct.20,1898    Scott, Mrs Cora A.     0ct.9,1902
Schmidi, Miss Irene         Mar. 16,1911   Scott, Mrs Ellen       Jan. 13,1887
Schmidt, John               Mov.2,19l6     Scott, Harry Sr.       Nov.19,1908
Schmidt, Mrs (Mor of Otto)  Jun. 7,1901    Scott, James           0ct.6,1892
Schmidt, Child of John      May.7,1908     Scott, Mrs Lillian     Nov. 8,1956
Schmidt, Martin N.          Mar. 15,1917   Scott, Mrs Martha      Nov.27,1902
Schmidt, Mrs Nellie         Dec. 12,1918   Scott, Mrs Peter       Jul. 1,1920
Schmidt,Robert M.           Jul. 19,1956   Scott, William         Jun.27,1907
Schmitz, Mrs Margaret       Jun.27,1907    Seaberg, Gust A.       Jan.24,1918
Schmitz, William            Feb.1,1917     Seaman, Mrs NAncy A.   Aug. II,1906
Schoenwetter, John          Apr. 9,1908    Seaman, Mrs W.E.       Feb. 15,1906
Schoff.Miss Addie           0ct.17,1889    Seaver, Martijn        Aug. 6,1908
Schofield, Victor E.        Feb. 17,1899   Secres, Mrs Henry      May.17,1894
Schofield, Mrs William      Jun. 16,1904   Sedar Fred             Aug. 9 1917
Scholie, Grandpa            Jan,31,1918    Seefeldt, Albert       Mar. 3,1910
Scholl.LeRoy                Feb. 9,1956    Seefeldt, Mrs August   Jan. 18,1900
Schoonover, Ernest          Nov. 6,1919    Seefeldt, Mrs Marie C.  Jul. 16,1908
Schull, DAu. Charles        0ct.26,1905    Seefeldt, Martin       May.26,1899
Schultz,Albert              0ct.24,1907    Seeley, Mrs Clare      Mar.21,1912
Schultz, Carl               Mar.21,1912    Seeley, Mrs Eugene&Lloyd Jun.5,1913
Schultz, Dorothy            Jun.5,1911     Seller, Amos           Sept.20,195
Schultz, Son of Emil        Apr. 13,1911   Seim, Joseph E.        Dec. 13,1956
Schultz, Fred               Mar.9,1911     Selkey, Carl           MAy. 30,1907
Schultz, Boy of Fred        Jul.23,1908    Selkey, Mrs Carl       Feb.26,1903
                             ----------Page 32.----------
Seward, Mrs C.X.           May.27,1897   Simpson, Mrs Mark        Jul. 28,1898
Seward, Rosie D.           May. 12,1910  Simpson, Boy of Fred     Jul.10,1902
Sewell,Elmer               Nov. 3,1914   Sims,Alan Wayne          Nov. 15,1956
Shanafelt, Mrs             0ct.3,1901    Singer,Mrs               Jun.9,1904
Sharp, Mrs Ophelia         Mar. 22,1906  Skavang, Nels            Feb. II,1904
Sharpe, Muriel             Feb. 12,1920  Skinner, Mrs G.A.        Mar. 3,1904
Shatz.lnf son of Eldon     Aug. 30,1956  Slater, Henry            Apr.27,1900
Shaussler, John Jr.        Jun.26,1904   Slater,Mrs^Margaret      Aug. 10,1893
Shaw, Mrs M.J.             Feb.28,1907   Sloan, Mrs Elizabeth     Dec. 3,1908
Shaw, Boy                  Nov. 22,1917  Sloan, Inf dau.of James  MAr. 15,1894
Shead, William             May. 15,1919  Sloan, Jasper            Jun.21,1956
Shelton, Inf son J.W.      Jul,11,1895   Sly, S.D.                Jun.8,1916
Shelton, Mrs               Jan. 30,1896  Smith, Inf Son Geno      Jan. 20,1910
Shenk, Mrs SArah M.        May. 24,1917  Smith, Ch.of Archie 0.   Apr. 16,1908
Shepersky, Inf son Rev.    Jun. 14,1901  Smith, Al                Feb. 22,1901
Sheppard, David Alfred     Dec.25,1902   Smith, Albert            001.21,1898
Sherraed, Mrs W.B.         May.28,1908   Smith Albert             Nov.21,1918
Sherwood, Harry Alien      Dec.8,l892    Smith, Mrs               Mar. 19,1908
Sherwood, George (also JunlMay. 28,1903  Smith, Charles           Jan. 18,1894
Sherwood,Mrs George        Dec. 6,1906   Smith, D.C.              Oct.21,1886
Sherwood, Miss Nellie      May.21,1896   Smith, Earl              Aug.13,1908
Sherwood, W.W.             0ct.31,1907 -  Smith, Mrs Ellen        Jan.30,1919
Shirk, P.M.                Jun. 8,1916   Smith, Mrs Eliza A.      Aug.23,1895
Shoemaker, Mrs Bertha      0ct.1,1908    Smith, Francis(John)     Jan.4,1912
Shoemaker, Child of M.M.   Apr.23,1896   Smith Frederick R.       Jul.2,1914
Shoff, Harry               Dec.29,1910   Smith, Gladys(J.E.       Jan.23,1919
Shreve, Mrs C.I.           Jan. 10,1918  Smith, Glenn Albert      May. 20,1920
Shuck, Roscoe              Jan.7,1915    Smith, Hazel             May.2,1918
Shupe,Chester B.           Aug. 16,1956  Smith, H.G.              Jun.24,1920
Sieverts.Fred              May. 13,1898  Smith, John S.           Feb. 13,1913
Sills, Child Of RevB.C.    Jan. 12,1894  Smith,Joseph C.          Aug.26,1915
Simmonds, Mrs              Jan. 18,1900  Smith, Kend^ll           May.24,1956
Simmons, CAIvin            Apr.29,1915   Smith, Miss Lida         Dec.22,1892
Simonds, Henry Porter      Dec. 18,1902  Smith, Mrs L.D.          Jul. 31,1896
Simons, William            0ct.4,1906    Smith, Mrs MArgaret      Mar. 18,1915
Simonson, Mrs Lavinia M.   Sept. 27,1906  Smith, Maurice H.       Aug.II,1910
Simonson, Mrs Sabrina      0ct.17,1901   Smith,Myrtle A.          Dec.14,1900
Simpson, (2Children,Thomas Sept.27,1906  Smith, Ray               Dec.17,1908
                             --------Page 33.---------

Smith, Mrs R.L.             Jan.24,1918    Stanley, Hiram           May.4,1904
Smith, Thayne C.            May.24,1956    Stanley, Lewis B.        May.17,1917
Smith, Walter               Aug.14,1913    Stanley,Miss Winnie      May.19,1904
Smull, Mrs Lorene M.        Jun.13,1918    St Antoin,Louis          Dec.26,1912
Smull, Samuel               Nov. 13,1919   Stapleton, Miss Lola Mae Nov.7,1907
Snell, Inf Son of E.M.      Dec. 30,1886   Stapleton, Mrs S.P.      Sept.11,1913
Snyder, A.W.                Jun.25.1914    Stapleton, Mrs MAry      Jan.23,1906
Snyder.E.D.                 Mar. 10,1898   Staum, Mrs Hannah        Nov.8,1956
Snyder, John E.             0ct.6,1892     StClair, Alden           Aug.27,1903
Snyder, Mrs Sarah           Jul. 21,1910   Steams, Mrs Marion T.    Sept. 9,1897
Solsrud, Julia              Dec. 9,1909    Steele, ^red             Feb. 9,1956
Sommerville, J.W.           Mar. 31,1910   Steele, Mrs Laura        Feb.2,1956
Sommerville, William        May.2,1901     Steen, Miss Anna         Nov. 18,1897
Sommerville, Son of W.R   . Jun.21,1894    Steen, Gulbrand L        Mar.12,1914
Sorfondon, Mrs H.A.         Jul.26,1917    Steen, Gustav            Feb. 6,1919
South, Mrs Eliza Jane       May.23,1918    Steen, Mrs lver          Dec.24,1914
South,James W.              Sept.21,1916   Steene, Mrs Bertha       May.17,1956
Sparks,Hazel                Jan.2,1919     Steen,Mrs Martha         Apr.12,1906
Sparks, Feter               Nov. 13.1913   Steere.Mr                Mar,17,1898
Spence,, Norris(son Rev.)   0ct.29,1897    Steere, Earl Wilmont     Apr.4,1895
Spencer, Alien              Jul.31,1913    Steffan, Nrs Gus         Apr. II,1912
Spencer, Asher              Jan.14,1904    Stein, Guy               Aug. 17,1911
Spencer, Mrs Eleanor        Apr.30,1908    Stein, Mrs               Aug. 12,1898
Spencer, Mr u--             Jan.14,1904    Stennerson, John         DEc.24,1891
Spencer, Mrs                Aug,20,1897    Stenning, Mrs Amanda     Jul. 3,1919
Spilde, Henry L.            Aug.2,1956     Stenning, Mrs Ellen      Mar. 7,1918
Spilde, Herman              Apr.24,1913    Sterling, Bruce          Mar. 19,1908
Spilde,Lars N.              Sept. 10,1914  Stevens, Charley(James)  Mar. 13,1902
Spilde, O.N.                Feb.20,1908    Stevens, Mrs             Dec. 8,1910
Splinter, Charles           0ct.14,1920    Stevenson, Mrs Hans      Aug. 20,1897
Spong, Mathias              Mar.28,1912    Stever, Harry E.         Apr.2,1914
Sprague, Mrs Marila         Feb.2,1911     Stevers, Inf (Ed)        Sept.24,1903
Sprang, Henry               Sept.7,1911    Stewart, Mr              Apr.25,1912
Springer, Rev.H.M.          Feb. 6,1913    Stewart, Fred            May.12,1898
Sproat, Robert N.           Jan.26,1956    Stewart, Oral            May.8,1919
Stacey, Mrs Rebecca         Jan.30,1902    Stinson, Mrs Elizabeth   Mar.14,1901
Stadem, Mrs Oline S.        May.II,1911    Stinson, James           0ct.9,1896
Stair, William              Mar.10,1904     Stinson, Miss Mary       Jun. 1,1911
Stanley, Ellsworth(Frank)   May.26,1904     Stinson, Boy (Thomas)    Jul. 3,1902
StinsonBa-by Girl (Thomas)  Nov.17,1899     Sumner, Margaret         Mar.l6,1911
Stinson, Inf dau(R.B.)        Nov. 24,1910  Sussman, Nathan          Sept.24,1914
Stinson, Mrs Susan            Nov. 28,1918  Sutton, MOr of Mrs Jacob Nov.26,1914
SIJohn, Mrs BArbara           Nov. 28,1907  Sutton, Mrs Elizabeth    Sept. 3,1908
Stoeckel, Louis               Feb. 18,1897  Sutton, Baby(Hiram)      Apr. 9,1891
Stoeckel, Minnie              0ct.13,1893   Sutton, John A.          Apr. 21,1910
Stoll, Fred                   May. 10,1906  Sutton, Joseph           Jun. 16,1910
Stone, Mrs Louisa             May. 12,1910  Sutton, Mrs Ray          Nov. 1,1936
Stone, Mrs                    Jul. 30,1908  Swailes, J.H.            Dec. 3,1903
Stoner, Mrs Lydia             May. 10,1906  Swanson, Peter           Jul. 13,1911
Storhow, Anfin                Apr. 18,1895  Sweet, Mrs               Sept.26,190?
Storrs, F.H.                  Sept.12,1907  Sweet, J.B.              Feb. 18,1898
Slower,Mrs R.D.               Jun. 19,1902  Swenson, Miss Rena       Jan. 23,1902
Slower, Dau(R.U.)             Sept. 1,1887  Swenson, Simon           0ct.22,1897
Slower, Wilbur J.             May. 3,1901   Syverson, Mrs Eli        Mar. 31,1904
Strand, Mrs                   Apr. 19,1917  Syverson, Sam            Jan.23,1908
Strangland, Matilda           Nov. 7,1907   Syverson,Mrs             Aug. 21,1913
Strathman, Charles            Jan. 29,1920
Strathman, Charles            Feb. 7,1889   ---------T---------
Strawder.Miss Ada             Nov. 12,1903
Strawder, Frank E.            Jun. 7,1906   Talbot, HON.Freeman      Dec. 3,1903
Strawder, Mrs Sarah M.        Jul. 23,1908  Talcott, Mrs Emily A.    Aug.22,1889
Strom. Baby Boy (John)        Aug.24,1905   Talcott, Wait L.         Mar. 7,1895
Strornsnes, Inga J.           Aug. 5,1920   Talcott, Mrs Emeline     Sept. 6,1894
Strong, Inf of-------         0ct.1,1903    Tarbox, Andrew H.        0ct.25,1956
Strong, --------              0ct.29,1896   Tatro, Joseph            Apr. 6,1905
Strum, Barbara Ann            Jan.,2,1956   Tuascher, Mrs            Feb.20,1913
Stuart,Mrs Alice              Apr. II,1918  Taylor, Mrs Ellen 0.     Jul. 15,1909
Stuart, Ceopge                Aug. 1,1918   Taylor,Son               Jul.29,1909
Stuart, Gilbert               Apr. 14,1887  Taylor, G.A.             0ct.10,1901
Studley, Mrs Emma             Jul.28,1910   Taylor, William J.       Jun.26,1919
Stump, Inf dau(Fred)          Jul.25,1912   Taylor, Mrs William      Nov. 14,1901
Stumph, Mrs Catherine         Dec. 20,1895  Teal, Child(Dr S.W.)     Dec. 1,1899
Stumph,Fred A.                Jan.2,1919    Teal, Mrs Christie       Mar. 10,1910
Subilia, Boy(Conducter)       Dec. 15,1892  Temple, Dau (Ben)        Aug. 31,1911
Sulier, Juliann               Apr. 10,1902  Temple, John B.          Feb.2,1956
Sulier, Leon C.               Nov. 8,1906   Terveen.P—-Lawrence?     Jun.4,1908
Sullivan, John                Feb. 18,1898  Thayer, Mrs gillie Jane   Sept. 5,1895
Summers, Henry                Jan.25,1912   Thesenvitz, Girl(William) Aug,ll,1910
                               ----------Page 35.--------------
Thies,Carl                 Aug. 22,1912
Thies, Charles T.          0ct.29,1908    Thoreson, Gust A.        Mar. 15,1956
Thies, Mrs Delia           Mar. 12,1914   Thoreson, James          Jul. 22,1915
Thies, Henry               Nov. 28,1918   Thoreson, Mrs Louise     Feb.20,1919
Thies, Mrs Henry           Jun.20,1895    Thoreson, Merrill C.     Jul.26,1956
Thies, Son H.              Nov. 3,1910    Thoreson, Boy(Oscar)     Jun. 15,1911
Thies, Mrs Marie           Jun. 17,1920   Thorne, Samuel           Jul. 19,1956
Thies, William             Dec. 24,1896   Thorstenson.Mrs Keren    Jan. 30,1908
Thies, Sophia              Jul. 31,1896   Tibbets, Mrs Nellie      Jul.7,1904
Thiesen, M.C.              Mar. 12,1914   Tibbits, Dr M.A.         0ct.27,1910
Thorn, Mrs Matt            Apr. 17,1919   Timbers, Mrs MAry        Nov. 30,1911
Thomas, Thomas             Jul. 14,1892   Timbers, Mrs Michael     Dec. 28,1911
Thomas, Mrs S.B.           Jul. 28,1899   Tip-ton, Corlis W^       Feb.19,1920
Thomas, Gertrude           Jun. 21,1956   Tipton, Inf son Of Milt  May. 24,1916
Thomas, Richard A.         Dec. 5,1895    Titconso, Mrs Lucy A.    Dec. 5,1895
Thomas, ^.                 Nov. 29,1895   Todd, Charles D.         Apr. 16,1897
Thompson, Albert           Jul. 2,1908    Todd, Mrs Simon          Nov. 24,1892
Thompson, Alfred(Shorty)   Dec.12,1918    Todd, L.S.               Aug. 15,1907
Thompson, Clyde            May.4,19l6     Tollefson, Child(Erick)  May.9,1907
Thompson, George E.        Jun.27,1918    Tollefson, Benjamin      May. 3,1956
Thompson, Gilbert          Jun. 23,1910   Tollefson, Boy(E.B.)     Apr.29,1909
Thompson, R.               Nov.28,1895 ^  Torkildson, Clara M.     Sept. 5,1901
Thompson, Baby(W.J.)       Aug. 1,1895    Torkildson, Harold E.    Feb. 27,1902
Thompson, Mrs              Apr.21,1899    Torkelson, Miss Hilda    Aug. 9,1900
Thompson, Lars             Feb. 29,1912   Torgerrud, 0.A.          Jan. 7,1892
Thompson, Mrs Leon         May. 12,1904   Torkeldson,0.            Apr. 30,1914
Thompson, MiltonB.         Dec. 1,1887    Torper, Mrs Axel         Dec. 7,1911
Thompson, Nathaniel R.     0ct.26,1893    Torper, Mrs John         Feb. 5,1903
Thompson, Oliver S.        Apr. 12,1917   Torper, Mrs Marie        Feb. 27,1913
Thompson, Oscar R.         0ct.8,1903     Torper, M.H.             Jul. 5,1906
Thompson, Richard          Jun. 23,1892   Torrey,Judge             Dec. 1,1904
Thompson, Mrs Joseph       Nov.27,1913    Townsend, Hallie A.      Jul. 5,1906
Thompson, Robert           0ct.8,1903     Travers, Beulah          Mar. 31,1910
Thompson, Waller           May.7,1891     Travers, Frank M.        Mar. 26,19l4
Thomson, Thomas W.         Nov.22,1906    Travers,Hugh T.          NOv. 10,1910
Thomson, Mrs William       Dec.15,1904    Travers, John            May. 9,1912
Thoreson, Andrew           Jul.2,1914     Travers, Miss Margaret   Aug. 1895
Thoreson, Mrs Axel         Aug 24,1905    Travers, Mrs MArgaret M  Sept.13,190?
Thoreson, Mrs James        Jan. 19,1893   Travers, Miss MAry       Mar. 9,1905
                                          Travers, Richard            Sept. 1,1910
Travers, Thomas             Feb. 15^1906  VanBuskirk, S.B.           Aug.20,1903
Treeby, Mrs Walter          May. 1,1913   Vandever, Mrs Blanche      Dec.7,1911
Trenholm, Miss Clara        May. 13.1909  Vandewerker, W.S.          Apr.25,1912
Trewartha, InfDau.          Apr. 3,1902   VanOrnum, Julia F.         Nov. 12,1914
Trousdale, Baby Girl (Harvey)Aug,25,1899  VanSickle, Girl            0ct.23,1902
Trousdale, WilliamJ.        Jun. 13,1907  Vech, James                Dec. 6,1906
Trousdale, Mrs William      Nov. 13,1919  Vecke, Lars                Aug.20,1903
True, Gerald D.             Feb.4,1904    Vessey, Mrs J.B.           Dec.2,1915
Tschappat, Mr               Sept.4,1913   Vickery, Caleb             Feb. 12,1903
Tuller, Walter              Apr. 17,1913  Vickery, James             Mar. 30,1893
Tuller, William             Jul. 26,1894  Vickery, Inf Boy of James  Jun.9,l892
Turnbull, Mrs               Nov. 28,1907  Victoria, Queen            Jan.25,1901
Turner, Dave P.             Aug. 12,1909  Vilas, Mrs Dr Calvin       Mar. 18,1897
Turnick, Mrs Hugh           Jan. 30,1919  Vilas, DR CAIvin D.        Feb. 14,1907
Tweed, Ole 0.               Apr. 1,1909   Vining, Mrs                Nov.3,1893
Twogood, Roy                Feb.2,1911    Void, Rev John 0.          Jan. 19,1956
                                          Voorhecs, Inf son of Lester Jan.15,1920
                                          Vrenne, Mr.                 Dec. 30,1920

Ulrich.lnf Ch of Paul       Jul. II,1907
Ulrich, Mr                  Apr. 1,1920   -----.——W---——
Unknown,(Man)               Jul.16,1914
Unknown,(Boy)               Jul.2,1914    Wadell, Mrs                Apr.20,1905
Ugland, Halvor Cison        Jan.30,1908   Wadsworth, Mr Dwight A.    Feb. 19,1891
Ullyot, Isaac               Mar.5,1903    Wadsworth, Mrs Sarah Etta Apr.21,1898
Ullyot, Mrs Isaac           Feb. 15,1894  Wadsworth, Ben 0.          Apr.27,1911
Ullyot, Inf Dau(Bennie)     Feb. 27,1902  Wagner, Baby(Joe)          Apr.29,1920
Ullyot, Mr(bro Isaac)       May.2,1889    Wagner, Mrs Christina      Mar. 16,1916
Ullyot, Mrs(Fred)Margaret   0ct.16,1919   Wagner, CliftonD.          May. 13,1920
Understock, Billy           May. 31,1956  Wagner, Mrs Sarah          Jul 23,1897
Underwood, Mrs MAbel        Apr.28,1904   Waite, Elsie May(George)   Apr 26,1895
Underwood, W.E.             Feb. 7,1907   Waite, George W.           Sept.29,1900
Unknown,(Man)Sept.26,1907   0ct.10,1907   Waite, Inf of George       Oct.7,1886
Updyke, Rev.S.G.            Dec. 26,1907  Waite, Mervin              Jun.14,1900
Updahl, Mrs lsabella(M.J.)  0ct.20,1910   Wake, Child of Charles     Apr. 7, 1887
Utesch, William             0ct.9,1902    Waldow, Baby Boy(carl)     Apr.28,1904
                                          Waldron, Mrs D.C.          Feb.26,1891
                                          Waldron, James             Dec.6,1906


Waldron, J.C.              Nov.26,1896   Warner, Chester 0.         Apr. 19,1956
Waldron, J.H.              Apr.26,1906   Warner, Herbert            Nov. 21,1918
Waldron, Miss Lillian      Mar. II,1898  Warner, Ira                Apr.4,1901
Waleby, Louis K.           Jan. 31,1895  Wascher, ED                Jul. 31,191?
Walen, Mrs Jacob           Feb. II,1892  Waste.Dr.                  Apr. 26,190?
Walker, C.M.               Nov. 21,1918  Waterman, Mr               Aug.26,1915
Walker, Mrs J.F.           Mar. 5,1903   Waterman, Mrs Alden        May. 28,1891
Walker, Mrs Wilbur         Nov. 6,1902   Waterman, Mrs N.T.         Mar. 5,1896
Walker, Mrs M.             Dec.16,1886   Waterman, Roland           Aug. II,1898
WAIker, Mrs Eliza(Samuel) Mar.26,1897    Watson, Alfred A.          Apr. 24,1919
Walker, Warren             0ct.9,1896    Watson,Mrs Mor of A.A.     May.4^1900
Wall, Mrs MArtha           Feb. 7,1907   Wattier, I triplet         Apr. 12,190?
Wallace, Inf son H.M.      Jul.27,1905   Way, L.E.                  Jan.27,1899
Wallen, Eleane             Jun,17.1920   Wayne, Daniel              Feb. 12,190?
Walsh, H.C.                Dec.2,1897    Wayne, Mrs Permelia        001.19,189
Walsh, Henry               Nov. 30,1900  Wayne, Mrs .               May.4,1904
WAlsh Michael Leo          MAr.9,1905    Welch Mrs Frank            Mar. 8,1956
Walsh, Miss Winifred       Jun. 21,1906  Webb, James(inf SonofJamesO)Sept.l7,190?
Waisvig, Mrs Nels          Sept. 28,1905  Webb, Mrs Margaret        0ct.17,1918
Walters,Mr                 Sept. 8,1893  Webb, Stephen              May.4,1905
Walters, Mrs Sam E.        Nov. 8,1956   Weber, George              Mar.14,190?
Walters, Mrs Madge         Apr.23.1908   Weber,John                 Nov. 14,1907
Waltham, Mrs J.C.          Jan. 23,1908  Weber, Mrs Sarah           Sept.25,189?
Walton, Mrs (mor of Clem) Mar. 19,1908   Weeder, Mrs Jacob          Jul. 3,1919
Walton, Baby of C.Walton Nov.4,1909      Weeder, Jacob              Sept. 30,191?
Ward, Harlena E.           Mar.24,1892   Weeks, W.R.                Sept.24,190?
Wardle, John               Nov.21,1918   Weelborg, Clarence K.      May. 31,1956
WAce, Mrs Emma             Apr.27,1900   Weiler, Mr                 Mar.II,1915
Ware, Mrs Eva              May.23,1889   Weinhoff, Emma             Jul.28,1904
Ware, Son of Fred          May.16,1895   Weirick, Earl              Jul. 15,1897
Ware, Fred                 Sept.26,1907  Welch,Mrs Aggie            Dec.30,1915
Ware, Mrs Isabel           May. 10,1956  See Welch afterWayne,
Ware, Leon M.              Aug.23,1956   Welling, Carl H.           Nov.29,1956
Ware, P.W.                 Aug. 31,1916  Welling,Joe C.             Mar. 17,1904
Warkenthien, Mrs Ella      Jan. 16,1919  Welling, Mrs J.C.          Nov.24,1892
Warkenthien, Emmett        Nov. 15,1956  Welling, Inf dau.of J.C. Sept.2,l88f
Warkenthien, Ralph son of A.H.Apr. 7,1904  Wellington, Mrs Charles Sept.28,19?
Warner, Andrew             Jan. 10,1896  Wellington, Quinn          Dec. 30,1920
We11s, Bessie              Sept. 30,1909 Wickstrom, Victor         Jan. 9,1908
Welman, John               Aug.18,1910   Wika, Martin N.           Feb.28,1901
Welsh, William T.          Apr. II,1918  Wika, Mrs Merit           Dec.10,1908
Wenner, Mr                 Jun. 15,1903  Wika, Nels                Sept. 29,189
Wentworth, Dau.of Frank Apr. 13,1903     wika, Nelse.M.            Aug. 18,1887
Wentworth, InfChild of FrankJan.3,190?   Wika, Ole N.              Apr.4 1895
Wentworth, Fred            Jan. 6,1910   Wika, Miss Tena           Apr. 6,1893
Wentworth, May             May. 12,1910  wikoff, Isaac             Aug. 10,1905
Wessels, E.H.              Dec. II,1913  Wilcox, Herbert           Jul.4,1912
Wessels, Son E.H.          Feb. 17,1910  wilcox, Mrs Lucy          Jan. 30,1908
West, Mrs                  May. 3,1906   Wilcox, Miss M^bel        Jul. 25,1912
West, Harry                Jan. 2,1919   Willcutt, L.L.            Mar.29,1906
Westfall, Mr John          Feb. 2,1911   Wilcutt, lrving           Feb.27,1902
Westley, Martin Olson      Apr. 7,1910   Wilder, Mrs               Nov. 13,1917
Weston, James W.           Mar. 3,1910   Wiley, Frances Cecelia    Nov.21,1918
Westover, John             Aug. 27,1903  Wiley, Child              Mar. 14,1889
Westover, E.M.             May.20,1920   Wiley, Thomas             Aug.27,1908
Weslen, Andrew             Apr. 28,1910  Wilkey, Samuel            Apr. 9,1903
Whaley, Mrs D.S.           Sept.24, 1885  Wilkins, E.A.            Jun.4,1903
Wheaton, Albert H.         DEc.27,1917   Wilkins, Mrs Hulda        0ct.25,1956
Wheeler, Boy of B.E.       0ct.27,1904   Willet, Joseph            Apr.l4,1904
Wheeler, Clara Leona(B.E.) 0ct.23,1913   Williams, Almon J.        Jun. 17,1915
Wheeler, Gertrude          Mar.16,1905   Williams, Esther ElizabethMar. II,1920
Wheeler, Dau. OF B.        Jan.27,1910   Williams, ------          Jul. 31,1913
Wheelock, Boy              Feb. 13,1902  Williams, Boy             Sept. 30,191
Whirledge, Kosoph          Feb.16,1956   Williams, Mrs Belle       Feb. 5,1903
White, Mrs Agnes           Jan. 26,1956  Williams, Hon.C.G.        Apr. 7,1892
White, Charles L.          Sept. 27,1906  Williams, Ed             0ct.13,1904
White, Clarence 1.         Sept. 16,1915  Williams, Mrs Eunice     Apr.23,1897
White, Mrs Elsie M.        Jun. 21,1956  Williams, Florence        May. II,1911
White, Mrs Lizzie(Leslie) Aug.29,1895    Williams, Floyd           Dec.14,1916
White, Mrs Pamelia         Jan.26,1893   Williams, Maurice Z.      Mar.22,1956
White, T.D.                Nov. 19,1903  Williams, Mrs May         Feb.20,1919
White, Mrs Sophia          Feb.22,1906   Williams, Richard         JAn.9,1919
Whited, Mr                 Mar.26,1903   Williams, Ruth W.         Apr. 19,1906
Whilney, Washington W.     Sept.2,1886   Williams, Mrs Soren       Jul.24,1902
Whittemore, Clarence S. Apr.26,1956      Williams, John I.0.       0ct.24,1907
Wick, C.W.                 Mar.8,1906    Williams, Mrs W.H.        Jan.22,1914
Wicks, Alex                Feb. 12,1920


Williamson, Jens           Jan. 12,1911   Wyers, "Nick"           May.23,1918
Willis, Mrs Nellie         Jun. 25,1891   Wyman, Edna J.           Apr. 29,1898
Willis, Grove              Jun. 25,1891   Wyman, Harry son W.S.    May. 13.1898
Willis, inf son of R.E.    Mar. 2,1911
Wilson, Alexander          May. 11,1893   -------Y-------
Wilson, Inf child          Dec. 3,1907    Yates, Baby girl (Dr.)   Apr.28,1910
Wilson, Alexander''Grant"  Jul.21,1904    Yares, Mrs Lottie        Mar. 18,1920
Wilson, Lewis E.           Sept. 2,1886   Yarneau, Aaron           Sept.4,1896
Wilson, Mrs Oscar          Jul.8,1913     Yeamens, Mrs Fredonia    Mar.7,1901
Winger, Mrs Rachel         Sept.12,1912   Yeamans.Girl of Eugene   Mar.21,1901
Winjurn, Edwin             Sept. 24,1903  Yeamans.Mrs John         May. 17,1895
Wiph, Arden                May. 17,1956   Yeamans. Miss Mamie E.   Sept. 29,189
Wise, Mrs Elsie            Jul. 27,1911   Yoost, Amos (inf of W.A.)Dec.5,l889
Wolfe, Joseph              Jan. 21,1898   Yoost, Mrs Thomas         Jul. 17,1902
Wolfe, William F.          0ct.30,1913    Young, Charles.           Nov.16,1905
Wolfe, Mrs Edna K.         0ct.28,1909    Young, Mrs Gust           Nov. 3&4,192
Wood, Charles L.           Jun. 10,1915   Young, Mrs Charles        Nov.28,1907
Wood, Ch of W.J.           May. 30,1907   Young, son of Chris       Nov. 5,1891
Wood, Sam                  Oct. 6,1910    Young, Mrs Chris          0ct.29,1891
Woodland, Joseph           Jun.21,1956    Young, James D.           May. 14,1908
Woodland, Mrs Mary Jane    May.6,1920     Young, Luverne            Mar.30,1905
Woodland, Mrs Myrtle Belle Jun. 7,1906    Young, Miss Lyda          May.25,1905
Woodland, Vernon           Aug.15,1918    Youngberg, Mrs Christina  Aug.17,1916
Woodland, W.J.             Feb. 6,1919    Youngberg, Baby Boy Of Oscar Dec.22,l?
Woodman, Jay               Aug.29,1901        ----Z-----
Wopat, Mrs Frank           Jan.19,1905    Zahniser, Frederick      May.25,1905
Workman, Mr                Jun. 1,1900    zander, Otto J.          Nov.23,1911
Worthing, Ch               Apr.23,1903    zeiroth, Robert          Jun. 5,1902
Wright, Alvah P.           Dec.7,1911     Zender, Mrs Mary         DEc. 25,1919
Wright, Mrs Clara          Feb.7,1907     zender, Nicholas John    Jun. 26,1919
Wright, Gus(twin)          Sept. 15,1893  Zrender, Mr Gasper       May.10,1901
Wright, Iris               Jul. 17,1919   Zender, Victor           0ct.26,1916
Wright, John E.            Mar.20,1902    zenter.lnf of Henry      Dec. 17,1903
weight, Mamie (twin)       Sept. 15,1893  zimmer, Earl             Jul.29,1920
Wright, Nellie Agnes        May. 10,1906  zimmerman, Conrad        Jan.29,1920
Wuiff, John                Jun.23,1910    Zschomler, Leo           Sept. 5,1889
Wyant, Selma Rachel        Mar.27,1913    Zuck, Boy(of Ernest)     Aug.15,1912
Wyant, Inf.son of John     May. II,1911   Zwanzigger.Lucile Marian  Apr.11,1918
                                          Zwanzigger, Max(David)     May.4,1911