Brookings Gaming

There are several gaming groups in Brookings, with some crossover. The official GPGP chapter serves as something of a coordinating body. (SDSU) Games Club and Chaos Incorporated is the official gaming organization at South Dakota State University. Brost's Aquarium and Hobby is the main game supply with a surprisingly large stock, and will also order almost anything. Brookings Books has been holding Warhammer 40K games. There is plenty of other gaming in Brookings, but they aren't telling me about it.

The GPGP meets at the Brookings Activity Center, 320 5th Avenue, on the first Saturday most months. Dan Merchant is the current president.

(SDSU) Games Club, Chaos Incorporated is an official SDSU student organization. Hunter Schreifels is the current president. Rebecca Diischer is the current advisor. Currently the SDSU club meets Thursday nights for D&D5, and Friday nights for games, particularly Magic: The Gathering with regular Friday Night Magic and release tournaments.  There are also two semi-private Pathfinder groups meeting alternate Saturday nights and the  alternate Sunday nights. The club has a Facebook page Games Club and Chaos Inc.. There is a great deal more game playing at SDSU, but not much is coordinated with the SDSU Games Club.

A student organization, the SDSU club has shifted emphasis several times. Many years ago it was sponsored by the ROTC department and played mostly historical miniatures. After several years of inactivity it was reformed and officially recognized again. It was mostly roleplaying and miniatures for a time. Emphasis then shifted to HeroClix. Now it is mainly the aforementioned Magic.

The Great Plains Game Players meet on an erratic schedule, usually in an individual's home. Over the 2014 4th of July weekend there were around 30 attendees from as far away as Des Moines, Iowa and Denver. More than half the attendees were regular attendees and game masters at other MAGE events.

Brosts' Aquarium and Hobbies, 323 Main Ave, Brookings, 692-7341 has an eclectic mix of games and other items. It is the official sponsor of the Magic tournaments. It has supported MAGE events. It holds regular Heroclix Tournaments Saturday afternoons.