Kingsbury County Genealogy Society

Welcome to the Kingsbury County Genealogy Society

Welcome to Kingsbury county.

We are a very small county where we know most of the names in the county and relatives. We are a small group trying to keep our history alive. We have walked all the known cemeteries and keep finding more small ones. We collect all those treasures like that box of old newspaper clipped obituaries, the old church cookbook with names of the cooks, the old school program with family names, church histories and many more.

We are fortunate to have an archive space in the Lake Preston City Hall.
We would love to add you to our database so we can continue to link our lines. Send us a pedgree chart with your contact information.

Our history starts in the late 1870 when the railroads came into the county. Many of us realize what our familes went throught by reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and enjoy helping in the pagent at De Smet each summer.

We hope you will join us. We appriciate all the family histories that have been sent to us. We are thrilled when we can link you with cousins or neighbors who know where your lines went.

We meet the 2ND  Tuesday at 5 PM the in various location in the county. Email for information.

If you are planning a trip this way let us help you.

Read more of our doing on our Society page. We hope the links we have posted to information on the other pages will help you.

I hope to hear from you soon.



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