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ITC Mail Settings Guide

Please follow the simple steps below to make sure your e-mail settings are correct:

Basic Settings

Outgoing Server Settings

Server name:

Server encryption:  SSL

Server port:  465

Authentication required


Incoming Server Settings (IMAP)

Server name:

Server encryption:  Optional (SSL on port 993 preferred)

Authentication required

Microsoft Windows

Outlook Express    Outlook    Vista Mail    Mozilla Thunderbird

Macintosh (coming!)

Mail    Outlook Express for Macintosh    Entourage    Mozilla Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook Express

Click the "Tools" menu, then "Accounts"

Next, select the "Mail" tab, then click the "Properties" button.

Select the "Servers" tab, and verify your settings, using your own "Account name" (username). If your "Incoming mail" and "Outgoing mail" settings say "" you will need to change them to "" and "" as shown.  "My server requires authentication" is optional now, but will be required at a later date. You can check this now.

Click the "Advanced" tab, and check these settings. The secure connection settings for outgoing mail are optional now, but will be required at a later date. Some older mail programs do not handle the SSL like they should, and that is why we are making it optional at this time. If you choose to change this setting, select the box first, and then enter "465" in the box; otherwise, the number will change back to the default "25" and your outgoing mail will not work.

Finally, click "Apply" and "OK," and then close the Accounts screen. Close Outlook Express, then re-open to test.

Microsoft Outlook

Click the "Tools" menu, then "E-mail Accounts"

Click "View or change existing e-mail accounts," then click "Next"

Select the account in the window, then click the "Change" button

Outlook E-Mail Accounts

Outlook Settings

Outlook SMTP Authentication

Outlook SSL

Vista Mail

Vista Mail Tools-Accounts

Vista Mail Properties-button

Vista Mail General-tab

Vista Mail Servers-tab

Vista Mail Advanced-tab

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird Tools-Accounts

Thunderbird Account Settings

Thunderbird Server Settings

Thunderbird Server Settings to SMTP Settings

Thunderbird SMTP Settings Edit-button

Thunderbird SMTP Settings SSL