CREEKSIDE offers accommodations for up to 8 hunters. Includes kitchenette with microwave, coffee pot, refridgerator, 3-TVs' and lounge area.

Rates are $20.00 per person, per night with a maximum of $100.00 per night.

STONE'S GATE CITY LODGE has 10 rooms each with a private bath. 3 single bed units,7 multi-bed units,3 lounges, big screen TV, fully furnished kitchen and 20 X 40 meeting/dining room.

Base rate is $40.00 per room, per night and each additional bed multi-bed rooms is $10.00 per bed, per night

Breakfast is served to groups of 4 or more. Ask for details.
For more information call or email us.

Phone: 605-272-5608, 877-260-2686, or 605-520-8836
Will & Fay Stone

Creekside Kitchenette Gate City Lodge Lounge, Bedroom Gate City Lodge Lower Level Lounge

Just a short distance from Gary is Shady Beach Supper Club were you can enjoy
a great meal. Within 45 miles is located 2 Casinos, and the Terry Redlin Art Center.