Greeting and happy new year from the hill!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who hunted with us this year whether a first timer or a veteran. We enjoyed having you and being of service to you. We do appreciate your business.
After a busy 3 months, things came to a screeching halt in December. The weather certainly gave us a variety of challenges from hot and dry in September, cool and rainy in October (10 inches of rain in 15 days) to one of the most beautiful Novembers I can ever remember; to face a biting cold December culminated with a 3 day blizzard over Christmas. I hope we were able to give you a good hunt despite all the challenges. 
We did get our little cribs filled with corn so that should help the birds meet the challenges 24 inches of snow brings. The grasslands are completely covered over and the only cover left is the trees and slough areas. That is however pretty much typical for most winters. 
I was able to get the no till drill in November and sowed in 16 foot strips of sweet clover over 160cres of pasture and grass. That should hold more birds, give more protection and provide more hunting opportunities next fall. We will be doing some controlled burns this spring to set back the cold weather grasses and give the warm weather ones a chance to grow. 
We want to remind you if you have dates in mind to come hunting this fall to call and get them booked as it is always on a first come basis.  I also want to encourage you to take advantage of the September hunts if possible. If you haven't booked for fall yet give us a call and we'll get you down. 
Again we want to thank all of you who made our 25th season a success. We hope we can continue to provide you with hunting memories that will last a life time. 
Will, Fay and crew

18203 486th Ave     Gary, South Dakota  57237
Phone: 1- 877-260-2686, 605-520-8836 or 605-272-5608 
Will & Fay Stone